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Welcome to Luckydog Recreation's team page. Our sales team is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and crafting tailored solutions for your project. Behind the scenes, our installation team executes projects that meet ASTM compliance and commit to safety. Our support team is ready to provide ongoing assistance for project management, accounting, or shipping needs. Let's create unforgettable play experiences together!
Meet Our Team!
Sales Team
Leslie Smith,
Regional Sales Manager, CPSI
‬Leslie grew up around playground construction most of her life. As a kid, every family vacation was bookended‬ by a playground installation. Leslie joined the Luckydog Team in 2019 and was awarded Playcraft’s New‬ Consultant of the Year award for exceeding sales expectations for the state of Idaho. Leslie continues to capture‬ more market share than any of our competitors in Idaho. She manages all Idaho sales, customer relations, and‬ playground designs. Before joining the Luckydog team, Leslie was the brand expansion manager handling‬ online and viral marketing for a national health food brand. Many of her customers are the lucky recipients of‬ Leslie’s delectable healthy treats and heart-felt gifties.‬
Natalie Svaty,
Idaho Bid Assistant‬
Natalie is the Bid Assistant at Luckydog Recreation. With a career spanning over two decades in sales and‬ marketing, she has honed her skills in creating and designing marketing campaigns, managing client‬ relationships, and cultivating valuable industry connections. Natalie's background aligns with Luckydog‬ Recreation's mission to enhance outdoor spaces and communities. Luckydog is fortunate to have her diverse‬ skill set in creating spectacular outdoor spaces, where memories are made and communities thrive.‬
Bid Assistant, Utah
Walker is the Bid assistant in Utah. he says he found a place where creativity meets passion and every project is a masterpiece in the making. Founded on the principles of entrepreneurship, he strives to bring fresh ideas and innovative solutions to each design challenge we encounter. With a positive mindset driving our team forward, He approaches every task with enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence.
Cade Miller‬,
‬Utah Creative Play Designer
Passionate about forging meaningful connections and achieving success for our clients, Cade is a dynamic‬ professional with a strategic mindset and exceptional problem-solving skills. Cade's experience provides a‬ unique way of identifying customer needs and working diligently to meet them. His commitment to exceeding‬ expectations and building lasting client relationships sets him apart. We are very fortunate to have him on the‬ Luckydog team!‬
Installation Crew
CJ Stoddard,
CPSI‬, Construction/Project Manager‬
Few people nationwide have the depth and breadth of CJ Stoddard’s experience. As the Construction‬ Manager, and Utah’s Project Manager, CJ brings his 20+ years of experience to bear on projects that require‬ unique skills such as building on slopes and working around natural structures like existing trees. If you can‬ imagine it, CJ is the man who can take your plan on paper and bring it to reality at your site.‬ As a Certified Playground Safety Inspector and Certified Installer of PlayCraft Systems,‬ PlayCraft Systems rely on CJ’s feedback and expertise in the field to improve their products and to assist in the‬ education of other certified installers nationwide.
James Savee,
CPSI, Luckydog Foreman, Utah
James is the Luckydog Installation foreman in Utah and Wyoming. He has been with Luckydog Recreation for‬ over 5 years and is a Certified Playground Safety Inspector. Luckydog’s secret sauce is James and his installation‬ team.‬ James willingly works in all kinds of weather (Utah’s extremely hot in summer and extreme cold in winter) and in‬ all kinds of site conditions (the riverbed rock of Cache County up North, to the caliche shelf rock in Washington‬ County down south). James is an experienced installer of playground equipment from PlayCraft Systems,‬ shelters from Coverworx and Custom Canopies, and Dog Parks from Dog-On-It . . the list goes on and on.
‬Nick Jones‬,
Installer, Utah
Nick is‬‭ hardworking and dedicated to safety and efficiency‬‭ on the job site.‬‭ He gets the intricate parts of a‬‭ project‬ ‭finished with the highest level of precision. Nick can finesse and figure out unique ways to tackle complicated‬ components like a tri-sail shade some 20 feet in the air, for example. If you need it done right and to “look‬ beautiful” too, Nick is your man. During the busy season (which seems to last longer and longer each year) Nick‬ willingly works long hours, breaks out to a 3rd crew when needed . . . anything to bring playgrounds to life. He’s a‬ get-it-done guy Luckydog can’t do without.‬

Luke Igo
Installer, Utah
Luke comes to Luckydog with a passion for building, creating and working with his hands; as well as a willingness to work hard and get the job done right. He is driven and loves sharing his ideas with his boss and co-workers.‭
Tyler Farrell Headshot
Tyler Farrell,
As the Owner and President of Luckydog Recreation, Tyler brings over two decades of experience as an‬ entrepreneur and construction manager. A blend of strategic vision, operational expertise, and a people-centric‬ approach, all of which are crucial for steering Luckydog toward continued growth and success.‬ Tyler's dedication to his beautiful wife and five young children demonstrates his values and priorities, showcasing‬ a commitment to work-life balance and a holistic approach to business. By considering both professional‬ endeavors and personal relationships, Tyler exemplifies a well-rounded approach to life and leadership
Gabi Cuthbertson,
Gabi has worked in accounting for 12+ years, when she started in accounting it was never her intention to be an‬ accountant. Gabi enjoys fixing complex problems, doing deep dives into numbers, and growing businesses to‬ their fullest potential. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors with her husband and 4 kids boating, skiing, and‬ razoring.‬
Allen Eskellson‬,
Director of Operations‬
Allen brings a rich background in the construction industry, blending business acumen with hands-on expertise. His passion for problem-solving and resource management is matched by his commitment to making a difference in the world.

Outside of work, Allen finds joy in life's simple pleasures, cherishing moments with his spouse and beloved fur baby. Traveling and exploring scenic landscapes rejuvenates him, fueling his creativity and spirit. Alongside his husband, Allen engages in humanitarian work in Mexico, embodying compassion and leaving a positive impact on the communities they serve.‭
Dennis Dries‬,
Project Manager
Dennis has managed a broad cross-section of commercial and government projects and has over twenty years‬ of experience in the entertainment business and the theme park community. Dennis was previously a Principal at‬ Walt Disney Imagineering, managing the group that produced the largest animatronic build for a single attraction‬ in Disney history. Dennis is also an accomplished recording artist with international releases featured in motion‬ pictures and theme park attractions. His ability to manage resources across all disciplines and his ambition,‬ project expertise, and creativity make him a vital asset to the Luckydog team as our Project Manager.
Jordyn Stoddard,
Distribution Manager‬
Jordyn has worked for Luckydog since 2014, after working in childcare for years. She has a love for children and‬ seeing their imagination thrive in a playground setting. She loves working with family and the ability to have her‬ three young children helping their dad at the job site. Jordyn is a huge asset to our team as our Distribution‬ Manager for Utah. She makes sure annual updates, catalogs, and other mailings get out the door on time. Jordyn‬ is also our Social Media Coordinator and does an excellent job posting and sharing about LDR online.‬
Ircia Orihuela,
Graphic Designer & Assistant
‬Ircia joined the Luckydog team in 2022 as our Office and Design Assistant. In the Nampa Office, she is always‬ willing to lend a helping hand wherever she can, whether it is tech support or a hands-on project. Ircia has a‬ passion for anything artsy and loves bringing creative ideas to life by helping our marketing team with design,‬ mailings, updates, and events. As an Idaho Resident of over 20 years, she is proud to help her local communities‬ grow.‬

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