Unleashing the Power of Terrain Effects: What You Need to Know

Prefabricated mounds, a new product exclusively from Luckydog Recreation and Playcraft Systems, offer limitless opportunities for playground design. They provide various configuration options, including standalone structures, standalone structures equipped with slides or climbers, and ones integrated with posts and decks. Furthermore, they can be functionally connected to post and deck playgrounds, paving the way for more dynamic and engaging play spaces.

Find out how to incorporate Terrain Effects from Playcraft Systems into your next project!

Dynamic Topography: Mounds introduce dynamic topography to playgrounds, creating an engaging and varied landscape for children to navigate. Unlike flat surfaces, mounds offer elevation changes that challenge motor skills and coordination, promoting physical development in a fun and natural way.

Imaginative Play Spaces: Children naturally gravitate toward imaginative play, and mounds provide an excellent canvas for fostering creativity. Landscape architects can design mounds to resemble hills, mountains, or abstract forms, encouraging children to invent stories, games, and scenarios as they interact with these unique features.

Natural Aesthetics: Mounds add a touch of natural aesthetics to the playground, blending the built environment with the organic elements of the surrounding landscape. Through thoughtful design, landscape architects can seamlessly integrate mounds into the overall layout, creating visually appealing and harmonious spaces that inspire a connection to nature.

Sensory Stimulation: 

The varied textures and slopes of mounds stimulate sensory experiences for children. Kids engage multiple senses, whether climbing, rolling, or running down slopes, enhancing their proprioception and spatial awareness. Landscape architects can strategically position mounds to cater to different age groups and developmental stages.

Social Interaction and Collaboration:

Mounds can serve as gathering spots for social interaction. Whether children collaborate on building projects, organize games, or enjoy each other's company, these elevated play areas foster teamwork and communication skills. Landscape architects can design mounds with multiple access points, encouraging shared experiences and inclusivity.

Integration into Post + Deck Systems:

Our prefabricated Mounds can be integrated into post and deck systems for slides, climbers, bridges, or links. This adds another element of aesthetics and child engagement. Landscape architects can leverage these features to design spaces that adhere to safety standards and inspire a sense of wonder and exploration.

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Benefits of Co-Op Purchasing with Luckydog Recreation

Getting the playground you want at the price you deserve just got easier. Fundraising and grants are great ways to garner interest and funds for your upcoming playground project. But did you know you can also earn big money off your playground directly from the manufacturer? Remember, these cooperatives (Co-Ops) are not simply a discount; they are nationally recognized purchasing contracts. Playcraft Systems offers a variety of savings through national purchasing contracts, and you can shop for the one that best fits your needs and situation. So what are the benefits? How do the work? Who can apply?

Read on for more “big buck” savings.

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Back to School Never Looked So Good!!

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Your NEW PLAYGROUND could look like this!

Gaga Ball Pits Are Easy With This Gaga Ball Kit

GaGa Ball Pits take dodge ball to a whole new level of play and a Play Action Systems Gaga Ball kit makes the game easy to set up.

GaGa literally means “touch-touch” in Hebrew. The game is a variant of dodge ball played in a GaGa pit that is usually an octagon or hexagon shaped wall on top of a smooth surface of dirt, turf, or a rubber mat.

See the Gaga Ball Pit in Action…

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Look What’s Becoming a Permanent Amenity at Your Local Parks and Playgrounds?!?

Slacklining Fitness. Slacklining is a sport and an art that can be balance training, recreation, or a moving meditation. A mix between tightrope walking and a gymnastics balance beam, slacklining is accomplished by stretching and tensioning a 2” wide length of nylon/polyester webbing between two anchor points, most often trees.

Until recently, slacklining was a sport for athletes interested in improving performance. This of course, required them to carry their own slackline/rope with them everywhere in hopes of finding some place to put up their gear. Not anymore . . .

Thanks to Trekfit, North America’s manufacturer of Adult Fitness equipment, Slacklining has become a primary feature of fitness parks and children’s playgrounds. Equipped with three levels of difficulty, Trekfit’s slacklines provide a fun challenge for

everyone visiting the local park and playground.

Health Benefits of Picking up the Slack. Boosts core strength, Improves posture, relieves stress and anxiety, helps fight depression, improves coordination and focus, boosts memory and learning ability, and can even help prevent injury.*

Slacklining at a Children’s Playground.

In the prestigious National Library of Medicine a report titled Effects of slackline training on balance, jump performance, and muscle activity in young children reports that kids exposed to slackline activities improved their balance and muscle development and helps them gain stamina that correlated to other activities like standing, walking, and running. The conclusion is that this simple activity, disguised as “fun on a playground” can indeed prepare children to have better core strength and be better at other sports.** Engaging all ages and all ability levels means more than those folks/children that have a permanent or even partial physical disability, that’s why Trekfit Adult Fitness Parks are more and more popular in our area and throughout North America and Europe than ever before.

Of course LuckyDog Recreation is up in the mix of providing and installing cool and engaging workout challenges that can be added to an existing park site and be part of planning a new Adult Fitness Park.

Need help getting the message out about your park project. Use slacklines in your grant writing with these links.

*8 Scientifically Proven Slackline Health Benefits

**National Library of Medicine Reference

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Getting It Done Right the First Time

What to Look for When Hiring a Recreational Equipment Contractor

Hiring a reputable contractor to build your recreational equipment is more important than ever as playground equipment and other amenities are more sophisticated than ever before. The key to success starts with the specifying process. The owner or the owner’s representative such as a landscape architect usually writes the specifications. Depending upon the scope and size of a project, a specification calls for a General Contractor or a Specialty Playground Contractor. The lead indicators to finding qualified contractors to bid your project are licensing, bonding, insurance, certifications, and construction warranty. Let’s give each a closer look.

Licensing - Know the required licenses in your state and location and specify it in your bid documents. General Contractors are usually hired on larger projects where the chosen site is raw land that needs to be surveyed and possibly remediated before the park site begins to take shape. The General Contractor then hires a Specialty Contractor, LuckyDog Recreation for example, to supply and build the playground equipment, shelters, dog park equipment, and site furnishings.

LuckyDog Recreation is both a General Contractor in the state of Utah (B100) and a Specialty Contractor (S500) in the state of Utah. In Idaho we hold a Public Works Contractors License. Essentially, we can bid a project of unlimited size. However, on larger projects LuckyDog often submits a bid to a General Contractor who recognizes our expertise with recreational equipment of all types.

Bonding – Requiring a bid bond to bid your project is a sure and simple way to keep the standard high on your project. Whether or not you require a payment and performance bond may depend on the local jurisdiction. Generally, as the project budget increases, so does the need to cover additional costs by requiring a payment and performance bond, which usually tacks 3% on to the total cost of the project.

LuckyDog has access to unlimited bonding, which is ideal for large projects like Orah Brandt in Nampa, Idaho, and Oquirrh Park in Kearns, Utah, both large regional parks.

Insurance – Because building playgrounds is a specialty that involves our beloved little people, the cost of liability insurance is considerably more than regular liability insurance for contractors. For this reason, it is important to state that required liability insurance is specific to the task at hand. CHECK!

Over the years, LuckyDog’s general liability policy has been for $1,000,000 per incident with an umbrella of $1,000,000. However, some scopes require larger limits. Make sure that the requirements you call out on your specifications meet the standard set by your local and regional jurisdiction.

Certifications – Many specialty scopes of work have special certifications, and building playgrounds is no different. Having a Certified Playground Safety Inspector, CPSI, on site during construction is another added assurance that the people you have hired know what they are doing.

LuckyDog Recreation has four CPSIs on staff. Each of these individuals have experience in the field and certify that they know and understand the nature of play equipment injuries and how they can be avoided. This specialized knowledge should be required on every playground construction jobsite, and it is so easy for you as the owner to require, just add it to the specification.

In addition to this nationally recognized certification, most if not all equipment manufacturers have a certification specific to the building of their brand of playground equipment. All LuckyDog installers are certified with the equipment manufacturers we represent, Berliner and Playcraft Systems. Check out our certifications on our website at HOME OF THE CERTIFIED INSTALLER LINK HERE

Construction Warranty – Not common to most play equipment installers, LuckyDog takes a lot of pride in our 1 Year Playground Construction Warranty. We assert that we will come back to your jobsite to twist a loose bolt or fix any installation issue on your job for the first year free of charge. Now why wouldn’t you want this specified on your bid docs?

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourselves about hiring a recreational equipment contractor. LuckyDog Recreation has been building playground equipment, shelters, dog parks, and site furnishings for over a decade. Our legacy reaches back to the 1980s when our predecessor, Curtis Stoddard, built his first playground in 1986. Coincidentally, the first US Consumer Product Safety Guide was released in 1981. A lot has evolved in the past four decades to raise awareness of the need for well-planned public parks and playgrounds and LuckyDog Recreation continues to lead the way.

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