Look What’s Becoming a Permanent Amenity at Your Local Parks and Playgrounds?!?

Slacklining Fitness. Slacklining is a sport and an art that can be balance training, recreation, or a moving meditation. A mix between tightrope walking and a gymnastics balance beam, slacklining is accomplished by stretching and tensioning a 2” wide length of nylon/polyester webbing between two anchor points, most often trees.

Until recently, slacklining was a sport for athletes interested in improving performance. This of course, required them to carry their own slackline/rope with them everywhere in hopes of finding some place to put up their gear. Not anymore . . .

Thanks to Trekfit, North America’s manufacturer of Adult Fitness equipment, Slacklining has become a primary feature of fitness parks and children’s playgrounds. Equipped with three levels of difficulty, Trekfit’s slacklines provide a fun challenge for

everyone visiting the local park and playground.

Health Benefits of Picking up the Slack. Boosts core strength, Improves posture, relieves stress and anxiety, helps fight depression, improves coordination and focus, boosts memory and learning ability, and can even help prevent injury.*

Slacklining at a Children’s Playground.

In the prestigious National Library of Medicine a report titled Effects of slackline training on balance, jump performance, and muscle activity in young children reports that kids exposed to slackline activities improved their balance and muscle development and helps them gain stamina that correlated to other activities like standing, walking, and running. The conclusion is that this simple activity, disguised as “fun on a playground” can indeed prepare children to have better core strength and be better at other sports.** Engaging all ages and all ability levels means more than those folks/children that have a permanent or even partial physical disability, that’s why Trekfit Adult Fitness Parks are more and more popular in our area and throughout North America and Europe than ever before.

Of course LuckyDog Recreation is up in the mix of providing and installing cool and engaging workout challenges that can be added to an existing park site and be part of planning a new Adult Fitness Park.

Need help getting the message out about your park project. Use slacklines in your grant writing with these links.

*8 Scientifically Proven Slackline Health Benefits

**National Library of Medicine Reference

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