Bouldering: A challenging and safe way

Whether you are refreshing an existing site or brainstorming a new playground site, playground planners and architects are looking at the activity known as bouldering; scrambling and climbing options that mimic actual mountain-climbing but doesn’t require ropes and protective gear. LuckyDog Recreation offers you, our valued customer many bouldering possibilities, one of which is bound to excite and delight the community you serve.

From easy for beginners to technically challenging for experienced climbers, bouldering is perfect for a wide range of users in a public setting. Protective gear like ropes and helmets - for example, are not required. A bouldering challenge is the perfect addition to your playground offerings at schools, regional and state parks, city parks, and housing developments like single family subdivisions and multifamily apartment complexes.

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ID Sculptures – With every project LuckyDog does with ID Sculptures, our philosophy matches: “. . . kids thrive when they feel an authentic sense of adventure and can safely explore their limits”. ID Sculptures has the ability to create unique and custom structures, they have become a playground designer's and landscape architect's dream come true.

LuckyDog is proud to represent ID Sculptures in Idaho and Wyoming and through our Playcraft Partners in Utah. Learn more with LuckyDog, check out our On-Demand Webinar from ID Sculptures: Breaking the Mold

ID Sculptures Gallery

Everlast Climbing – Everlast has been popularizing climbing experiences for young people for over 30 years. You can choose from indoor and outdoor climbing walls that attach directly to your building wall, so if you are short on space, with Everlast, lack of real estate for an awesome climbing experience is a non-issue.

There are tons of support and several awesome pre-recorded Webinars about getting started with Everlast. Start here. WATCH TRAVERSE WALL RECORDED WEBINAR HERE: Everlast Climbing

Need help funding your indoor/outdoor climbing wall? Check out this easy Funding Support Guide compliments of Everlast Climbing. FUNDING SUPPORT: Everlast Climbing

TrekFit – If you follow LuckyDog’s monthly newsletters, then you probably know that Trekfit is our newest partner in the line-up of equipment we are proud to offer.

TrekFit is best known for their outdoor fitness equipment. Did you know they have awesome climbing boulders too? The Urban Boulder™ collection features both positive and negative inclinations making the difficulty levels vary. Sizes also vary to meet expanding and contracting budgets.

Check out this line up of climbing/bouldering events:

LuckyDog Recreation is proud to offer this on-demand webinar for Trekfit where you can get an overall view of all their offerings and especially the unique manufacturing process of their boulders. Click here and enjoy

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