Why Choose Goalsetter Basketball Hoops for your Playground or Park ?

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When it comes to commercial grade playground equipment for Utah, Wyoming and Idaho playgrounds and parks, we always look for the very best in quality and price.

LuckyDog Recreation is proud to be the Utah, Wyoming and Idaho’s Commercial Distributor for Goalsetter® Basketball Hoops – Best in Basketball™. Why? because their hoop system is the standard by which all other hoop systems are measured.

Whether you are tall, short, young, old, a beginner or an experienced player, you have the ability to adjust the height of the rim to your heart’s content with the magic behind the Goalsetter® brand.

What’s so cool about Goalshetter® is a hoop system that performs like those found in high schools, colleges and the NBA. No matter what Utah or Idaho playgrounds or parks boasts about this commercial basketball hoop you will find kids of all ages, sizes and skill gravitating to the best hoop in the neighborhood.

Additionally, Goalsetter® hoop systems are 100% made in the heartland of the USA.

“Every component of a Goalsetter® is selected for its ability to deliver competition-grade performance, to withstand the environment and the elements, and to stand the test of time under aggressive play.

From the H-Frame backboard, to the patented internal Compression Height Adjustment mechanism, to the exclusive Hinged Ground-Anchor system, Goalsetter® is focused on building a basketball hoop system that will span generations.”  –  GOALSETTER®


Attention Purchasing Specifiers and Architects, here are some of the specification highlights of the Goalsetter® product:

Backboard Strength

  • A 3/8” competition, tempered GLASS backboard is built to withstand the toughest environments, in all kinds of weather.
  • The innovative H-Frame design combines unparalleled ball response with lifetime durability
  • A wide variety of sizes:  36”x54”, 38”x60”, 42”x72”
  • We guarantee you will find the perfect goal for your playground or park.

Pole Design

Goalsetter Hoops Profile 5_2014

Internal Height Mechanism / Off-Set Pole

  • Built tough! the Off-Set Pole Design minimizes shake and is built to last!
  • The design enhances the stability and play of the backboard for years of home court play.
  • Corrosion-resistant paint process ensures that your basketball system will look good year after year, no matter what the weather.

Height Adjustment

  • Patented Internal Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism allows the rim height to raise and lower from 6ft to 10ft.
  • Smooth, effortless adjustment with a simple turn of the height adjustment handle.
  • Efficient and safer than standard tension jack mechanisms.
  • Rim Height Indicator allows for easy rim height selection and verification.
  • Height Adjustment Handle and optional Keyed Pinlock allow your Goalsetter® to be locked at any height.
Basketball Hoop Intallation - Goalsetter

Attaching Extension Arms and Backboard

Basketball Hoops Installation

“Walking” Hoop Into Upright Position

Ground Anchor - Goalsetter Hoops

Ground Anchor

Professional Installation

Of course, LuckyDog offers professional installation to your Utah or Idaho playground or park. LuckyDog is unique in the commercial sports equipment industry, we choose the best equipment and also insure that it is professionally installed by our certified construction crew.

Ground Anchor Hinge System

Get the strongest foundation with Goalsetter’s patented Ground Anchor Hinge System:

  • 42” long structural steel anchor to provide the strongest foundation available.
  • Superior performance and durability.

When it comes to choosing the very best in basketball hoops we always go for the top in quality and ease of use.

  • You will know that your Goalsetter® Basketball Hoop is an asset to your Utah, Wyoming or Idaho park or playground.
  • You will appreciate the Goalsetter’s long life and hours of playground fun.

Call us, we will help you choose the perfect Goalsetter® for your playground needs.

Nicole Stoddard – Your Utah, Wyoming and Idaho commercial playground specialist.

P.S. Remember we also have a professional installation crew, making it easy to schedule your playground today.

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