Spark Imaginations With Musical Playground Equipment

For over 20 years Freenotes Harmony Park™ Outdoor Musical Instruments has been sparking imaginations. Their innovative playground equipment is sure to bring a song to your neighborhood.

To say we are thrilled to add Freenotes to our repertoire of Idaho and Utah playground equipment is putting it mildly.

Take a look at this video and you can see why!

Fun for kids of all ages, anyone can play and no one makes a mistake.

Just imagine all of the places you would like to see Freenotes!

  • City Parks – Wouldn’t you love to create music with your family and friends?
  • School Playgrounds – Kids would go wild with music at their finger tips.
  • Hospitals – The soothing harmonies of healing are magic.
  • Museums – Everyone can experience making music.
  • Day Cares – Imagination with no limits.

What Music Does For You and Yours

We all know the pleasure we get from music. But did you know these facts?

Cognitive Function

Music helps to build reasoning skills and cognitive development. It can increase the capacity of your memory, refine time management and organizational skills, and teach perseverance.


Playing music is fun! It builds confidence, encourages creativity and self-expression. It can reduce anxiety, relieve symptoms of depression, and elevate your mood. It just makes people healthier and happier!


Playing and listening to music can reduce stress, ease pain, lower your blood pressure, increase workout endurance, improve sleep, enhance blood vessel function and help you eat less!


As we co-create music we grasp a sense of joy, our focus and social engagement align without effort. Playing music with others fosters deep listening, respect, a sense of belonging and builds community.

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I would love to show Freenotes and design your perfect Harmony Park. Call me!

Nicole Stoddard – Idaho and Utah Playground Equipment

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P.S. Congratulations to Leo Alvarez, Lauren Fraley and Chelsi Rome from Perkins+Will Design Firm for winning Freenotes 2016 Musical Park Design Challenge.

Musical Playground


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