Taylorsville, Utah Community Comes Together for Azure Meadows Park Update

It is amazing what a few people can do to bring a community together. Residents in Taylorsville and city officials got together to update Azure Meadows Park.

After a year of planning and lots of neighborhood volunteers the park opened on July 29th. Our very own Slyde the Playground Hound was there for the grand opening. He shared playground safety tips. The kids went wild for Slyde.

Slyde The Playground Hound

Over that two-day period, new playground equipment was installed and a wood chip base spread over the area. Previously, cement footings were poured, and eventually a large pavilion and walking trail will be constructed in the park. As resident Danny James said, it made him proud of both his neighbors and his city.

“I felt the efforts of the city to get this playground and park rebuilt and refurbished were wonderful,” he said. “They really stepped up and had so much involvement to get this done. The park had been vandalized many times over the years—the wood was chipped and splintered, slides had been removed. Now, the playground itself has brand new, safe, clean equipment, and the kids love it.”

Neighborhood Services Coordinator Rhetta McIff said the playground has some great new equipment, including a gyro spinner, swoop ladder, monkey bars, a club house and a pod spinner.

“It also has two huge slides, taller and longer than anything we’ve had before,” she said. The slides, which are 8 feet tall, are side-by-side and curved, allowing for “some great races between friends,” she said.

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We love participating in projects like this! We installed the playground equipment and the park shelter. Kudos to those the people of Taylorsville, Utah that made this park a reality.

CJ Stoddard – Utah Park Shelters and Utah Playground Equipment Specialist

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