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Look What’s Becoming a Permanent Amenity at Your Local Parks and Playgrounds?!?

Slacklining Fitness. Slacklining is a sport and an art that can be balance training, recreation, or a moving meditation. A mix between tightrope walking and a gymnastics balance beam, slacklining is accomplished by stretching and tensioning a 2” wide length of nylon/polyester webbing between two anchor points, most often trees.

Until recently, slacklining was a sport for athletes interested in improving performance. This of course, required them to carry their own slackline/rope with them everywhere in hopes of finding some place to put up their gear. Not anymore . . .

Thanks to Trekfit, North America’s manufacturer of Adult Fitness equipment, Slacklining has become a primary feature of fitness parks and children’s playgrounds. Equipped with three levels of difficulty, Trekfit’s slacklines provide a fun challenge for everyone visiting the local park and playground. Read more...

New Webinar Available!


LuckyDog Recreation is proud to present TREKFIT, a leader in outdoor fitness

equipment. TREKFIT develops cutting-edge solutions through intelligent urban design that promotes universal accessibility, fitness and enhances community involvement. Together they are committed to enhancing the visual environment and delivering an unparalleled user experience. Our goal for bringing their products to our customers is to spread positive social change in the health and well-being of residents in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. This valuable webinar is for anyone wanting to bring outdoor fitness to a higher level user experience: any budget, any age demographic, we have a TREKFIT product for you.

The playground industry is a self-regulated industry. We uphold ASTM standards, CPSC guidelines, and CPSI certifications. Where the safety of our children is concerned, this says a lot about the integrity of the people that manufacture, sell, and build playgrounds.

LuckyDog Recreation is proud to offer our customers the assurance of 4 Certified Playground Safety, CPSI's on our staff. We welcome Leslie to LuckyDog's team of CPSI's. Congratulations Leslie!

Click photo to learn more about slacklines from Trefit!

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Bike Racks are Bigger, Better, and More Popular than ever with DERO

Dero is the Nation's bike rack and storage solutions leader. From exterior options

(simple to really making a statement), to indoor solutions (both short-term and long-term storage), Dero has something to offer consumers and developers who wish to support biking as a hobby or a necessity.At LuckyDog Recreation, we have built lasting friendships with the folks at Dero. We love the Dero product line for many reasons:

· High-quality products

· Ship in just 6-8 weeks.

· Their customer service is always quick and responsive.

Dero is for everyone: Dero’s Resource Library is extensive, allowing someone with many questions and little experience to pull together the bike solutions they need quickly and effortlessly.

Feel free to explore their Resource Library here.

LuckyDog recently hosted a virtual Lunch + Learn focusing on indoor solutions. You can get access to that recorded webinar ,here. nnNationally the use of bikes has increased dramatically over the last decade. Still only about 1% of the U.S. population uses bikes as their primary source of transportation. That is one of the lowest rates in the world!

One of the most significant effects of increased biking as one's primary source of transportation has been the implementation of infrastructure from Cities across the county. This infrastructure may include creating bike lanes, pathways, and most importantly, storage and facilities to house and protect one's bike.

LuckyDog Recreation is here to help as well! Call your Creative Play Designer today for pricing, layouts, and more information about Dero.

LuckyDog and Dero and You! Let’s make a difference! Include bike racks and bike storage on your next project!



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