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Busy Bee’s Day Care and School Opens 3 New Playgrounds

The open-house for Busy Bee’s Day Care playgrounds in Roy, Utah is over and years of play have just begun on three unique PlayCraft playground systems.

The Busy Bee’s Playhouse grand opening for the playgrounds was attended by well over 500 people, children and their accompanying grown-ups. It was phenomenal sight to see, you can read the Standard Examiner’s news article here.

Although all the hoopla of the grand opening event has calmed, there is still a “Busy Bee Buzz” at the child care center. Teachers report they can’t get the children off the new playground equipment when play time is over.

Well, we at LuckyDog love hearing that kind of news, so we think it’s only fair to share with you what all the excitement is about.

There are three distinct play areas designated by age; Toddler, ages 12 months to 2 years, Pre-school, ages 2-5 years and School-age, from 5-12 years old.

The Toddler Playground area is fully shaded with a large fabric shade. There is an interactive play house, clubhouse, and an age appropriate playground structure for little ones 12 months to 2 years.

Playcraft Playground Slide for Toddlers at Busy Bee's Day Care in Roy, Utah


The Pre-School Playground has a full Playcraft playground structure with age appropriate elements like the with a one-piece spiral slide so tender bottoms won’t hit the slide bumps. In addition to the structure there’s a sand and water table.


tots gas station

A custom electronic driver panel, pretend gas pump and traffic signs, all surrounded by an awesome trike-track. To round it all up, fun directional signage was painted on the newly formed concrete pad. All in all, the preschoolers at Busy Bee’s are very busy checking out all their new toys.

School Age Playground boasts a full PlayCraft system that fills the entire courtyard. I just love the Boogie Board, a PlayCraft exclusive, because it challenges balance and promotes group play; the kids race around and in circles.

best roller

Boogie Board

I also love the spiral step climber. It runs the entire height of the playground for a super eye-foot coordination challenge. The Spin-Max-Tower is another PlayCraft favorite, kids love dizzy-making and this toy is perfect for a boat-load of children to play all at the same time.

climbing sails



All equipment is bright and colorful; the fabric shades on each of the three play areas are different colors. The School Age play area has two fabric Shade-Sails that tower taller than the building, when you’re on the highway approaching the Busy Bee’s Playhouse your eye is drawn to them.

It makes me wonder if enrollment has increased, ha, ha, because there’s not a kid out there that wouldn’t want to play at Busy Bee’s.

Busy Bee’s child care and schools are in a very unique setting. Dove Covenant owns Heritage Park Care Center for skilled nursing and rehabilitation services at the same location. Busy Bee’s is the “only” Childcare Facility owned and operated by Dove Covenant. This makes for a very nice mix of young and old on the same property.

Weighing in on what the children think of their new playground is always fun. However, Covenant Dove, the owners that hired LuckyDog for the project also get to weighed in on what they think of their new playground:

“I have been receiving updates from Kevin, Facilities Coordinator and Phil, Director of Heritage Park Care Center, along the way and they are both thrilled with the end results.

“I commend CJ for all the hard work and devotion he put into this project. You two make a great team and I am so glad you were selected for this project.”   Andy Shafer, Director of Construction

Thank you CJ and your fantastic crew for the excellent, top notch care and attention to detail. I agree with Andy, you are to be commended. I’m a LuckyDog to get to work with such a great team.

LuckyDog Recreation Utah Playground Constrution Crew

LuckyDog Crew

See you at the playground.

Nicole Stoddard, VP of PlayCraft Sales

P.S. We were proud to host Slyde the Playground Hound to teach everyone about playground safety.

P.S.S. This PlayCraft playground in Roy, Utah is unique in size, layout and so watch for future posts and video.

LuckyDog Recreation presents Slyde the Playground Hound to teach playground safety at Busys Bee's Playhouse in Roy Utah

Slyde the Playground Hound

Playground Construction for Grantsville, Utah Hollywood Park

LuckyDog Recreation presents the new Hollywood Park Playground, staring Grantsville, Utah kids and of course the work of our own Utah Playground Construction team.

The Hollywood Park in Grantsville, Utah is an amazing area! The city has set aside 11 acres for ball fields, playgrounds and other park amenities. Hollywood Park is quite an oasis out in the middle of the Utah desert which created the perfect setting for a fun theme.

With the help of LuckyDog Recreation, the city went the extra mile to create a real Hollywood Playground. The Playcraft Systems™ playground they chose is reminiscent of a true Hollywood Movie set.

“There’s not a Beach in Grantsville, Utah, but you can get close at the Palm Paradise Tower at Hollywood Park. Or you can Cowboy-up at the Prairie Wagon and Cowboy Village complete with rocks and cacti to climb on. Watch out for the Alligator!!

This playground is very well rounded. It has a little bit of everything.

We built this playground the week before Independence Day. It got to over 100 degrees everyday that week. We worked hard to get the project finished before the holiday weekend. With all the playground equipment that we put in and the blistering heat we were only able to open one half of the playground for the weekend.

That next Monday there were kids hanging off the fence waiting for the second half to open. Their persistence paid off, by 4 pm the park was open to all.”

CJ Stoddard, CPSI LuckDog Recreation Construction Manager

Utah Grantsville Park Layout - LuckyDog Recreation

Download Paradise Tower Playground Specifications

Paradise Playground - LuckyDog Recreation

Download Utah Cowboy Village Specifications


Visit the Hollywood Park Playground. You will love it!
1050 South Quirk Street
Grantsville, UT  84029

Build Your Own Dynamic Set

Now, for those of you who would like to have your very own Hollywood set on your playground, call us today. Together we can create the perfect theme for your park or playground.

Nicole Stoddard – Luckdog Recreation, Playcraft Systems™ Utah Rep

P.S. A big thank you goes out to Sherry Broadbent and Larry Bolinder for making this a great job to work on and for all your hard work toward making the playground a reality for all of the kids in Grantsville, Utah.


Playground Utah Playcraft Systems Paradise Tower by LucyDog Recreation Utah Playground Equipment - Western Theme

New Playground Equipment for Delta Elementary School

The LuckyDog construction crew just completed installing new playground equipment for Delta Elementary School. Sometimes the small construction jobs can be the most rewarding, from choosing the perfect equipment to fit the budget, to seeing kids having a blast spinning and climbing.

Playcraft Playground Equipment a Perfect Choice

Kids naturally love to climb. The Playcraft Boulder Stacks™ are a durable free standing playground that provide hours of fun.
The Playcraft SpinnerMax™ is a modern day merry-go-round which added another climbing element.

“I just got back from seeing the playground equipment. I am excited!!!! Your guys were very professional and nice. I hope it was a good experience for them as well (I know the heat was terrible!). 

Thanks again for being so good to do business with.  I am very impressed and will contact you if we ever get any more money raised. I know the slider toy was a close second to the spinner we got so that is on my wish list.

Please pass the compliment on to your crew and have a great summer!”

Delna Bliss, Principal, Delta Elementary School

We are excited too. We are excited that the school kids and the neighborhood kids have a unique playground for hours of fun.

Nicole Stoddard – Utah Playground Equipment

P.S. Thanks to our crew members, for working in the heat to get the new playground equipment in at Delta Elementary School.

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Apollo Rotating Climber Brings New Fun to Bothwell, Utah Park

Town of Bothwell Utah The community playground in Bothwell, Utah keeps growing with new playground equipment. In fact, the park now boasts a new commercial playground rotating climber, a 21st century merry-go-round by Dynamo Playgrounds.

The children of the small community of Bothwell, Utah aren’t the only ones enjoying the PlayCraft Playground Equipment LuckyDog installed last summer in the community park. Families for miles around are getting in on the fun play action.

This summer, 2014, playground fun grew even bigger and better as phase two of the park went into production, and LuckyDog Recreation installed new rope climber commercial playground equipment.

Imagine a merry-go-round! You know, the ones from yester-year.

Now imagine that merry-go-round just got about 12’ taller and 10’ bigger around at the base. What? A spinning toy that is 12 feet tall? Yep! Now add to it the fact that children and their grown-up counter-parts that are kids at heart can climb, spin and giggle all at the same time.

This new spinning game addition, known as the Apollo Rotating Climber, is manufactured by Dynamo Playgrounds and is distributed and installed by LuckyDog Recreation.

Gary Feldman, volunteer playground project coordinator, says they have run out of room but will be adding seating and tables for picnicking very soon.

When asked how the community liked the new addition to the playground, volunteer Jay Christensen, the park construction coordinator said,
The Apollo has been a great addition to the playground. Kids run to it first and it seems like they can’t get enough of it.”

We second that emotion!

In fact, you should see what happened when the LuckyDog construction team stopped by to inspect the Apollo Spinner (or so they say. . . maybe they just wanted to go for a spin).

Notice the multicolored rope…very fun.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a child or two and head on over to the Bothwell, Utah Community Park.

[gmap fullscreen=1 icon=”star” zoom=15 height=”190px”]10450 W 11600 N Bothwell, UT 84337[/gmap]

Have fun!

Nicole Stoddard, LuckyDog Recreation

Bringing you the best in Commercial Climbing Playground Equipment

P.S. Like the Dynamo Apollo Rotating Climber? Download specs here!

P.P.S. Calling Landscape Architects: Are you an architect who wants your commercial playground to be over the top and out of this world? Call LuckyDog Recreation for user name and password to gain full access to plans for this rotating climber and all the Dynamo Playgrounds, climbers playgrounds, nets, and “Imagination Series” challenge course games.

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Click and Save As to Download the Dynamo Commercial Playground Equipment PDFs:

Download Apollo Specs PDF

Download Dynamo Warranties PDF

Download Dynamo Color Choices PDF

Large Playground for Children in the Small Town of Bothwell Utah

The saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child” is made manifest in the actions of the small community of Bothwell, Utah to bring “play” to not just one, but hundreds of children at the City Park.

The Bothwell town council decided to work with LuckyDog Recreation after going to Snowville, Utah’s City Park where LuckDog recently installed a Playcraft Playground System.

Utah Playground Equipment for Bowthwell Utah

The playground design took lots of twists and turns before Gary Feldman, play committee chairman gave the design a final thumbs up. Gary was animate about making sure every age range and every ability level was represented and he was also concerned about how the children would access and egress the equipment making certain that the “flow” of play or “usability” of each toy.

Utah Playground Surfacing - Fiber Chips  Utah Playground Equipment for Bothwell Utah

Take a look at this design. I think you will agree that Gary did an excellent job making a playground design that the whole community loves.

In 2014 the town of Bothwell will add tables, benches and a Dynamo Spinning toy, the full-size Appollo Net Climber.

Nicole Stoddard – Playcraft Playground Systems, Utah

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Utah Park Playground Plans Utah Playground Plans

Owner: City of Bothwell
Manufacturer: Playcraft Systems, Nicole Stoddard – Rep.
Sales & Installation: LuckyDog Recreation

LuckyDog Awarded Wellington, Utah Playground Construction Job

Playcraft Neutron Spinner at Utah Wellington Elementary Playground

LuckyDog Recreation was awarded the playground construction job at Wellington Elementary in Wellington, Utah. To make sure the proposed equipment would best meet the needs of students in the 2nd grade to 5th grade, Principal, Seth Allred and the PTA playground committee met with LuckyDog representative, Nicole Stoddard to finalize plans.

Together they selected playground equipment from Playcraft Systems® featuring the new-fangled hybrid play system called the Revolution™. This unique system combines traditional play equipment, slippery slides and rock climbers with new European flair equipment that combines ropes, climbers, and over-head challenges. The new European flair play equipment keeps kids challenged and interested. Traditional play equipment keeps them on the go.

The playground also sports a PlayCraft original, the Boogie Board, a PlayCraft and LuckyDog favorite. The Boogie Board is like a moving floor that requires the balance and skill of riding a skateboard.

To complete the site the playground construction included the ever popular independent overhead spinning toy known as the PlayCraft Neutron Spinner.  Its spinning action requires upper-body strength and is reminiscent of the old maypoles from yesteryear, “but a whole lot safer,” said representative Nicole Stoddard.

Wellington Elementary Playground by LuckyDog Recreation features PlayCraft System.

Deon Kone, Facility Manager and project coordinator for Carbon County School District, worked with LuckyDog to schedule playground installation during off-hours and weekends so big equipment like excavators and concrete trucks did not interfere during school hours. Once completed, students, the PTA group and the school district were pleased with the results.

CJ Stoddard, Playground Construction Manager for LuckyDog said, “As far as a turn-key playground project goes, this job was sweet. Principal Allred was great to work with. The kids will get many years of fun. This is a well-designed play area.”

The students of Wellington Elementary are known as the Wellington Warriors. Their motto is “United in Safety, Literacy and Learning, through Respect, Responsibility and Integrity.”

The new playground may not teach literacy, but LuckyDog’s attention to detail and the IPEMA certified playground equipment from Playcraft Systems® ensures that the students of Wellington Elementary will be playing safe.

Wellington, Utah Playground Construction

Utah Elementary School Playground in Wellington Utah - by LuckyDog Recreation and Playcraft Systems

Utah playground construction and Utah playground equipment installation.

Owner: Wellington Elementary School

Contractor: LuckyDog Recreation

Playground Equipment Manufacturer: Playcraft Systems®

Utah Commercial Playground by LuckyDog Recreation and Playcraft

Utah School Playground Equipment at Wellinton Elemetary by LuckyDog Recreation Utah Playground Construction: LuckyDog Recreation Plans

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