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New Commercial Playground Equipment for Sandy, Utah Park

Sandy, Utah park, Storm Mountain, got an exciting fresh new look for Spring, 2016. The Utah commercial playground equipment has a nature theme we have installed several times before (and LOVE). The natural colors are greens, brown and tan, perfect for blending in with the large mature trees already in the park.

Utah Commercial Playground Equipment installed at Storm Mountain Park in Sandy, Utah

LuckyDog was privileged to be selected in a round of proposals to supply and install new equipment at the Sandy, Utah park. The removal of the old playground equipment and the new installation of the NEW Playcraft commercial playground equipment now makes this a family destination park.

This cozy, quiet neighborhood park has many amenities including a jogging path, 2 tennis courts, a big outdoor pavilion with tables (set close to the new playground), and a large utility field for softball and other outdoor sports.

Storm Mountain Park in Sandy, Utah - Utah commercial playground equipment.

As always, we worked with Playcraft Systems™ to create a commercial playground that fits the space and packs in as much diversity as possible. The play equipment has something for every age, doesn’t segregate the 2-5 age set from the 5-12 age group, so the entire family has something to enjoy: rock climbing, rope climbing, slides, spinners and of course swings.

The LuckyDog crew finished the playground with wood chip surfacing, which was perfect for the rustic “in the the woods” playground theme.

Utah commercial playground equipment installation by LuckyDog Recreation

As cities like Sandy, Utah grow in population, the need for play areas becomes more and more important. Parks not only create open space but provide a play space close to home that many families may not have otherwise. Utah Commercial Playgroud Equipment Plans by LuckDog Recreationa and Playcraft Systems

Like this playground? Download the plans here:  Playcraft/LuckyDog Plans for Storm Mountain.

Live in the Sandy, Utah area? get out to the Storm Mountain Park, see and play on the real deal.

Don’t forget the kids.

Nicole Stoddard, LuckyDog Recreation,  Providing Utah Commercial Playground Equipment

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Nephi, Utah Park Gets New Fun Playground Equipment

How much fun kids can have spinning on the Playcraft Gyro-Spinner™?


The LuckyDog Recreation crew has voted the Playcraft Gyro-Pod Spinner™ as one of our favorite units of playground equipment.

You can see why! This spinner is dizzy-making fun for grown-ups and kids alike. Even the small kids can figure out how to get the spinner going and keep up the circular motion.

The Gyro-Pod Features

• Dynamic spinning action for six to twelve children!
• Heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame with Play-Tuff™ coated steel platforms
• Single, double, and quad configurations available

You can take a spin and check the other playground equipment we installed for the Nephi, Utah.
Canyon View Park
100 N. 600 E.
Nephi, Utah 84648

Add this Utah playground equipment to your list of must haves! It will make your top ten list of favorite playground equipment. Ask about the single-pod, double-pod and this awesome quad-pod Playcraft Gyro-Pod™ Spinner. And the kids at your school or park will be the proof!

Play On,
Nicole Stoddard of LuckyDog Recreation – Playcraft Playgrounds – Sales Rep.

New PlayCraft Playground System For Salt Lake Bees at Smith Stadium

Salt Lake Bees fans now have a playground for kids to have fun! This is the perfect addition to Smith Stadium family fun.

LuckyDog Recreation began consulting with the Salt Lake Bee’s Manager Bryan Kinneberg late last fall (2014) with a target goal to have the project complete by Memorial Day 2015.

We made our goal to have the project 100% complete for game day Memorial Weekend. Bryan was great to work with and on a custom structure like the Bee’s playground, there is a lot of communication between parties.

LuckyDog’s Office Manager, Lynette Turner, was key to making sure the custom panels were exactly what the Bee’s imagined that could be. You can see from the ‘concept’ drawings to the ‘completed’ panels PlayCraft and LuckyDog did what we set out to do.

The design includes a fun clubhouse for Bees’ fans of all ages, shapes and sizes; from tiny tots, to big brothers and sisters. For even more play value we included decorative custom “Panel Pals™.” The panels are unique to PlayCaft Systems. Something fun for the whole family.

From Concept To Completion

Bees Concept Drawing

PlayCraft Playground Design by LuckyDog Recreation

In addition to the CUSTOM play panels, a specialty of PlayCraft Playground Systems, the playground included a “Spin Max Go-Round”

 Playcraft Spinner - Utah Playground Equipment
Playcraft Playground System for Salt Lake Bees

LuckyDog Recreation Utah Playground Construction for Salt Lake Bees Playground

Playfraft Spinner for Utah Playground

Utah Playgroud Equipment for Salt Lake Bee Playground

“I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work and patience with us, and for supplying such a beautiful product! It will be quite the hit once we finalize the rest of the project.

“All three of you were exemplary models of professionalism and a true joy to work with. I am drafting a letter of recommendation and will send it to you shortly.”  Salt Lake Bee’s Manager, Bryan Kinneberg

LuckyDog Recreation is proud to be a part of the overall make-eover to the Bees’ Smith Stadium. The PlayCraft playground equipment designed especially for the Bees has a lasting impression; from just about anywhere in the stadium you can see the playground’s logo baseball cap.  

 Nicole Stoddard, Sales and Marketing for LuckyDog.
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salt lake bees stadium
P.S. See the new Salt Lake Bees playground at 77 West 1300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah and get your tickets by calling 801-325-BEES (2337) – or online: Bees

Making the Most of Playground Space – Playground Planning

Fund Raising Tips

How to utilize your ground space to its full potential!

Just how big a project will your playground be?  It is usually a balancing act between the actual ground space, the available funds, and how many kids will be vying for play space.

While it may seem obvious that the area needs to have enough activity centers to keep the kids interested and involved, it might not be as obvious that the plan needs to also include both active and quiet play areas.

A playground that truly serves kids includes places for their quiet needs.  In planning, this means creatively finding space for calmer activities.  Can there be space for sand play?  A music corner or wind chime path?  A dreaming nook?

Often the quiet centers don’t require major purchases, rather an awareness of the need so they can be planned in.  Remember, including both types of play will bring a balance to your playground – and to the kids’ play.  Play on!

Taken from “Playground Equipment: Asking the Right Questions.” at Welcome to Christian School Products,

Are you in Utah or Idaho and need help with your playground planning? LuckyDog can help. We know fundraising, park planning and playground design and planning.

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