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Playground Equipment Specifically Designed for Elementary Kids

Elementary School Playground Equipment Utah

Choosing a new school playground equipment design for Franklin Elementary in Salt Lake City was easy because last year installed one of our favorite playgrounds at the school. With this new playground, we carried over the fun tan and green wooded theme to the new play area with the Playcaft Revolution™ play system.

The play structure, designed for kids ages 5 to 12, has an abundance of exciting dual racing activities cloaking the fact that children are actually getting an excellent physical workout and creates a challenge for all the Ninja Warriors in the school.

Layout for the Franklin Elementary School playground equipment Utah

A Ninja Warrior Challenge

The race begins at the duplicated Ring Traverse directly onto two Mini Neutron Spinners and straight onto the Curved Erector Rocks and Chain Climber.  

The climbing action continues into the popular Erector Rocks U-shaped layout with a variety of climbing options. Erector Rocks have super tough coated grips but are gentle on kiddo’s hands and feet while standing up to the abusive use of school play equipment.

Elementary School Playground Equipment Utah by LuckyDog Recreation

Next, students are challenged by a new version of “monkey bars” with hand-over-hand action on the S-Shaped Horizontal Ladders and onto the tricky Tri-Step Traverse.

Elementary School Playground Equipment Utah that creates a Ninja Warrior Challenge

The race continues when they hop on the Tri-Pad which breaks way to the 360 degree Horizontal Ladder (think circular monkey bars) and access to the kid-favorite Orbit Wheels:

Ninja Playground Equipment Challenge for Franklin Elementary School in Salt Lake City Utah

Playcraft Orbit Wheels

See for Yourself

Check it out for yourself, visit both playgrounds, each with a unique age-specific design:
Franklin Elementary
1115 W 300 S
Salt Lake City, UT

Playcraft™ Systems

Best of all, the Playcraft Revolution™ System is only one example of meeting the ever-greater challenge of keeping kids interested in playground play. All of the different elements create an imaginative free play atmosphere plus a challenge course that keeps kids coming back. The design is perfect for elementary school playground equipment Utah.

What does all this mean for you? Choosing a playground for your school is easy with dynamic playground designs by LuckyDog and Playcraft™.

Call us. We can help you pick out a playground that not only fits your needs, but also keeps the kids racing back for more.

In Pursuit of Play!

Nicole Stoddard – Elementary School Playground Equipment Utah Representative

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An All-American Elementary School Playground for Kings Peak

Designing a Utah elementary school playground that fits a school budget and still packs a lot of play into a small space takes some real planning. But with the help of Playcraft™ Systems we designed a fun, imaginative playground for the kids of Kings Peak Elementary in Roosevelt.

Under general contractor Westland Construction of Orem, Utah, the LuckyDog construction crew installed a stellar ALL-AMERICAN playground that includes 4 swings, 3 slides, a snake climber, and one Kings Peak “Boulder Stack Climber.”
Utah Elementary School Playground Equipment for Lone Peak Elementary in Roosevelt Utah

An Elementary School Playground as American as Apple Pie

When Duchesne School District requested designs for new playground equipment, a decision on equipment color was easy: a red, white and blue “All-American” theme. A picture-perfect playground for America’s Independence Day every year!

This crisp colored PlayCraft™ structure holds a ton of activities that children ages 2 to 12 love to play on.  Maybe the kids can find an apple pie at the “Store Panel,” keeping an eye out for fireworks as they look through the “Telescope,” and parade across the “Arch Bridge” – all while under the bright red arched canopies.

Utah Elementary School Playgrounds - Playgroud Equipment by LuckyDog Recreation

Roosevelt Utah Elementary School

Kings Peak Elementary is located in a Utah town named after a very famous United States president – Theodore Roosevelt.  It also sits in the shadow of Utah’s highest peak: the beautiful and prominent Kings Peak.

Next time you are visiting Roosevelt, maybe heading towards a hike at Kings Peak, stop by and check out this classic red, white, and blue playground.

Kings Peak Elementary School
437 N 300 W
Roosevelt, UT 84066

Want a fun-filled Utah elementary school playground that fits your budget and playground site? Our in-house Utah Elementary School Playground Design Specialist, Lynette Turner, can help.

Nicole Stoddard – Exclusive Utah Rep for Playcraft™ Systems

P.S. Happy Independence Day

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New Playground Equipment for Delta Elementary School

The LuckyDog construction crew just completed installing new playground equipment for Delta Elementary School. Sometimes the small construction jobs can be the most rewarding, from choosing the perfect equipment to fit the budget, to seeing kids having a blast spinning and climbing.

Playcraft Playground Equipment a Perfect Choice

Kids naturally love to climb. The Playcraft Boulder Stacks™ are a durable free standing playground that provide hours of fun.
The Playcraft SpinnerMax™ is a modern day merry-go-round which added another climbing element.

“I just got back from seeing the playground equipment. I am excited!!!! Your guys were very professional and nice. I hope it was a good experience for them as well (I know the heat was terrible!). 

Thanks again for being so good to do business with.  I am very impressed and will contact you if we ever get any more money raised. I know the slider toy was a close second to the spinner we got so that is on my wish list.

Please pass the compliment on to your crew and have a great summer!”

Delna Bliss, Principal, Delta Elementary School

We are excited too. We are excited that the school kids and the neighborhood kids have a unique playground for hours of fun.

Nicole Stoddard – Utah Playground Equipment

P.S. Thanks to our crew members, for working in the heat to get the new playground equipment in at Delta Elementary School.

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LuckyDog Awarded Wellington, Utah Playground Construction Job

Playcraft Neutron Spinner at Utah Wellington Elementary Playground

LuckyDog Recreation was awarded the playground construction job at Wellington Elementary in Wellington, Utah. To make sure the proposed equipment would best meet the needs of students in the 2nd grade to 5th grade, Principal, Seth Allred and the PTA playground committee met with LuckyDog representative, Nicole Stoddard to finalize plans.

Together they selected playground equipment from Playcraft Systems® featuring the new-fangled hybrid play system called the Revolution™. This unique system combines traditional play equipment, slippery slides and rock climbers with new European flair equipment that combines ropes, climbers, and over-head challenges. The new European flair play equipment keeps kids challenged and interested. Traditional play equipment keeps them on the go.

The playground also sports a PlayCraft original, the Boogie Board, a PlayCraft and LuckyDog favorite. The Boogie Board is like a moving floor that requires the balance and skill of riding a skateboard.

To complete the site the playground construction included the ever popular independent overhead spinning toy known as the PlayCraft Neutron Spinner.  Its spinning action requires upper-body strength and is reminiscent of the old maypoles from yesteryear, “but a whole lot safer,” said representative Nicole Stoddard.

Wellington Elementary Playground by LuckyDog Recreation features PlayCraft System.

Deon Kone, Facility Manager and project coordinator for Carbon County School District, worked with LuckyDog to schedule playground installation during off-hours and weekends so big equipment like excavators and concrete trucks did not interfere during school hours. Once completed, students, the PTA group and the school district were pleased with the results.

CJ Stoddard, Playground Construction Manager for LuckyDog said, “As far as a turn-key playground project goes, this job was sweet. Principal Allred was great to work with. The kids will get many years of fun. This is a well-designed play area.”

The students of Wellington Elementary are known as the Wellington Warriors. Their motto is “United in Safety, Literacy and Learning, through Respect, Responsibility and Integrity.”

The new playground may not teach literacy, but LuckyDog’s attention to detail and the IPEMA certified playground equipment from Playcraft Systems® ensures that the students of Wellington Elementary will be playing safe.

Wellington, Utah Playground Construction

Utah Elementary School Playground in Wellington Utah - by LuckyDog Recreation and Playcraft Systems

Utah playground construction and Utah playground equipment installation.

Owner: Wellington Elementary School

Contractor: LuckyDog Recreation

Playground Equipment Manufacturer: Playcraft Systems®

Utah Commercial Playground by LuckyDog Recreation and Playcraft

Utah School Playground Equipment at Wellinton Elemetary by LuckyDog Recreation Utah Playground Construction: LuckyDog Recreation Plans

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