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Better Ways To Serve More Members Of Your Community

As you know we are coming up on the end of the US government’s fiscal year. This means that school districts and municipalities must spend the end of their budget!

Spending your full budget shows that you were sure of your needs and that you are able to fulfill those particular needs in a way that best serves your community.

Serving All Of Your Community Members

So what is the best way to spend your end of 2017 budget and ensure that every member of your community is well served?

The answer is Freenotes Harmony Park Outdoor Musical Instruments…

Because Freenotes outdoor musical instruments are made for all ages and abilities you will find them to be the perfect addition to your park or playground.

Designed with acoustic precision and perfect tone by a Grammy Award winning musician, Richard Cooke. The Freenotes allure draws in children and adults of all abilities, to play and to enjoy, creating a full sensory experience.

Musical knowledge or skill isn’t necessary in order to create beautiful sounds for both the players and those listening nearby.

Everyone can enjoy play for years to come; Freenotes instruments are made for the outdoors, durability, longevity and accessibility are built in.

It is easy to meet your budget, with individual pieces starting at just $1695.00, or by grouping several instruments for more fun.

Call me I am happy to assist you with an individual piece or a grouping to suit your needs.

In Pursuit of “Musical” Play,

Nicole Stoddard – LuckyDog Recreation

P.S. Yes, you can help to ensure your budget for 2018 with smart playground additions that serve every member of your community.LuckyDog Recreation

Free Buddy Bench with Purchase of Playcraft Systems Playground Equipment


Make your playgrounds kid-friendly with “Buddy Bench”

Purchase Playcraft Systems® playground equipment and get a 
Buddy Bench Free!


The “Buddy Bench” is a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground.

Maybe a child is new to your school, or their friends are absent that day, or a bully keeps picking on them.


Being excluded based on physical or mental differences is a common problem faced by children in school. Exclusion often leads to bullying.


More than 80% of bullying isn’t reported to adults out of peer pressure. Or having witnessed the event, being unprepared to do something about it.

Children form their own social structure in school naturally. But giving kids the tools and training to combat bullying and create an inclusive school climate of their own is important.


To respond empathetic, kids must see themselves as people who care and value others’ thoughts and feelings.


By learning about differences in others, children are more accepting of this diversity and make accommodations.


With a little knowledge and training, a new world opens to children with friendships that might have never been.


By giving children the framework to develop empathy and generosity towards others an aperture to a brighter future is created.

Tools like the “Buddy Bench” are integral to this end. Playcraft Systems®

Call now! so we can include a “Buddy Bench” with your new Playcraft Systems® playground equipment order.

In Pursuit of “Inclusive” Play

Nicole Stoddard – Playcraft Systems® Representative for Utah, Idaho and Wyoming

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Multi-Family Landscape Design Is For The Dogs

The new multi-family landscaping trend is to bring local dog parks home, where the family lives. Offering a dog park as part of your multi-family landscape design is fun, easy and cost effective.

You can’t help but notice that multi-family complexes in urban areas have been increasing to keep up with the demand. Every year since 2010, Salt Lake City increased rental units by 1,534. During the same time period, the demand for new rental units has averaged 1,869 a year.

Also, rising prices for single family homes has brought a big demand for condos and town homes. Along with the demand, housing complexes have become more inclusive than ever. Consider the Bud Baily Apartments in Salt Lake City, for example.

The Trend We Are Seeing

Multi-family landscape designs are including dog parks. It is easy to see why when you consider that dog ownership has been steadily rising along with the multi-family housing demands.

Because dogs are considered part of the family, catering to dog families can be as simple as saving 500 square feet of space for a dog park. Or changing overgrown, neglected and unmanaged areas into dedicated dog playgrounds.

“Did you know there are currently more dogs in the US than children? And that renters often base their decision making on whether their pets will be welcome too? Dog parks aren’t just a trend in the multi-family industry, they’re a hugely popular amenity for your residents and can also help to promote your community as being truly pet-friendly! There is always a market for pet-owners who are looking for affordable, long term housing and your dog park can help turn a “Maybe” into a “Yes!”

“From a marketing perspective, having an onsite dog park can give you an advantage over a competing property whose residents may have to drive to a nearby off-leash area. Residents are often willing to pay a higher deposit and monthly rent in order to live somewhere that accepts (and welcomes!) their pets. In addition to the financial perks, pet-friendly communities typically see less resident turnover and have a higher rating from resident satisfaction surveys.” Dog-ON-It-Parks

Tips for Building Successful Dog Parks as Part of Your Multi-Family Landscape Design

From fencing to water sources, from poop scooping to signs, from location to equipment, learn what you need to know to consider a dog park as part of your multi-family landscape design by downloading this PDF:  Successful Multi-Family Dog Parks

Need a fun “Dog-ON-It” dog park? Call me.

In Pursuit of Play,

Nicole Stoddard, LuckyDog Recreation

Spark Imaginations With Musical Playground Equipment

For over 20 years Freenotes Harmony Park™ Outdoor Musical Instruments has been sparking imaginations. Their innovative playground equipment is sure to bring a song to your neighborhood.

To say we are thrilled to add Freenotes to our repertoire of Idaho and Utah playground equipment is putting it mildly.

Take a look at this video and you can see why!

Fun for kids of all ages, anyone can play and no one makes a mistake.

Just imagine all of the places you would like to see Freenotes!

  • City Parks – Wouldn’t you love to create music with your family and friends?
  • School Playgrounds – Kids would go wild with music at their finger tips.
  • Hospitals – The soothing harmonies of healing are magic.
  • Museums – Everyone can experience making music.
  • Day Cares – Imagination with no limits.

What Music Does For You and Yours

We all know the pleasure we get from music. But did you know these facts?

Cognitive Function

Music helps to build reasoning skills and cognitive development. It can increase the capacity of your memory, refine time management and organizational skills, and teach perseverance.


Playing music is fun! It builds confidence, encourages creativity and self-expression. It can reduce anxiety, relieve symptoms of depression, and elevate your mood. It just makes people healthier and happier!


Playing and listening to music can reduce stress, ease pain, lower your blood pressure, increase workout endurance, improve sleep, enhance blood vessel function and help you eat less!


As we co-create music we grasp a sense of joy, our focus and social engagement align without effort. Playing music with others fosters deep listening, respect, a sense of belonging and builds community.

Prepared by:  – The Leader in Outdoor Musical Instruments

I would love to show Freenotes and design your perfect Harmony Park. Call me!

Nicole Stoddard – Idaho and Utah Playground Equipment

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P.S. Congratulations to Leo Alvarez, Lauren Fraley and Chelsi Rome from Perkins+Will Design Firm for winning Freenotes 2016 Musical Park Design Challenge.

Musical Playground


(Design Photo from  –


Boy Scout Eagle Scout Project

Idaho Park Benches Eagle Scout Project -Dallin Sirrine

What makes a great Eagle Scout project? A great attitude, great smile and determination to get the job done right.

Dallin Sirrine has all these qualities and as the old adage goes; a picture says a thousand words.

The LuckyDog Recreation crew congratulates Dallin on a job well done and on obtaining the highest award in Boy Scouts, your Eagle.

Benches along the trail are part of the LuckyDog Line of park site furnishings made by BPR.

Idaho Eagle Scout Project - Dallin Sirrine

Dallin Sirrine Idaho Eagle Scout Project

Park Benches by BPR - and LuckyDog Recreation - Dallin Sirrine Eagle Scout Project

Playground Construction at Greystone Apartments, Caldwell Idaho

The children of the newly renovated Greystone Apartments, in Caldwell, Idaho, got more than new carpet and paint, they got a complete new playground. LuckyDog Recreation, Idaho Playground Construction, was the subcontractor to Kier Construction out of Ogden, Utah.

 Placraft Playground System - Greystone Apartments, in Caldwell, Idaho
The owners’ of the project, Thomlinson and Associates,  selected a custom PlayCraft playground system, complete with a climbing wall and the famous Neutron Spinner.
Site amenities such as benches and bike racks to complete the site. The selected colors compliment the newly painted buildings. They also selected our Sof Fall wood fiber safety surfacing.

Playground Equipment - Greystone Apartments, in Caldwell, Idaho

The LuckyDog Crew is always pleased to work with Kier Construction.

CJ. Stoddard – LuckDog Recreation, Playground Construction Idaho

Kier Construction


Tomlinson and Associates

BPR by Bison Introduces Child Size Benches

LuckyDog Recreation presents the BPR by Biosn Child Benches Recently BRP by Bison announce “New Child Size Benches” to coordinate with their already fabulous collection of park benches. At LuckyDog we are excited to add these unique child benches to our commercial park furnishings.

Oh so cute! and oh so perfect for your park, zoo, community playground, trail side or anywhere kids need to put up their feet.
commercial park furnishing - little feet

Make Your Child Size Benches Unique To Your Project

Landscape architects and site owners, with BRP by Bison you can make your benches unique to every one of your projects with private labeling and lollipop colors: cherry, orange lemon, lime and grape. And of course each bench is protected with BRP’s standard multi-stage powder coat finishes, MasterCoat® and WeatherBeater.commercial kids park benches - colors

In our 25 years experience in park and playground sales and installation, we have not found better quality commercial site amenities.

BRP’s Private Collection™ benches make customized furnishing affordable along with superior structural integrity. Since 100% of manufacturing and finishing is done in-house, there is no minimum quantity or artwork up-charge. And your unique bench is delivered in plenty of time to meet your project deadline.

  • Imagine your park logo on benches made just for kids.
  • Imagine happy kids parking themselves on these bright lollipop colored benches.

In the pursuit of play!

Nicole Stoddard

P.S. Call us! We will help you get exactly what you have imagined and we can even install it for you.

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Why Choose Goalsetter Basketball Hoops for your Playground or Park ?

Goalsetter Hoops Profile 5_2014

Signature MVP

When it comes to commercial grade playground equipment for Utah, Wyoming and Idaho playgrounds and parks, we always look for the very best in quality and price.

LuckyDog Recreation is proud to be the Utah, Wyoming and Idaho’s Commercial Distributor for Goalsetter® Basketball Hoops – Best in Basketball™. Why? because their hoop system is the standard by which all other hoop systems are measured.

Whether you are tall, short, young, old, a beginner or an experienced player, you have the ability to adjust the height of the rim to your heart’s content with the magic behind the Goalsetter® brand.

What’s so cool about Goalshetter® is a hoop system that performs like those found in high schools, colleges and the NBA. No matter what Utah or Idaho playgrounds or parks boasts about this commercial basketball hoop you will find kids of all ages, sizes and skill gravitating to the best hoop in the neighborhood.

Additionally, Goalsetter® hoop systems are 100% made in the heartland of the USA.

“Every component of a Goalsetter® is selected for its ability to deliver competition-grade performance, to withstand the environment and the elements, and to stand the test of time under aggressive play.

From the H-Frame backboard, to the patented internal Compression Height Adjustment mechanism, to the exclusive Hinged Ground-Anchor system, Goalsetter® is focused on building a basketball hoop system that will span generations.”  –  GOALSETTER®

Attention Purchasing Specifiers and Architects, here are some of the specification highlights of the Goalsetter® product:

Backboard Strength

  • A 3/8” competition, tempered GLASS backboard is built to withstand the toughest environments, in all kinds of weather.
  • The innovative H-Frame design combines unparalleled ball response with lifetime durability
  • A wide variety of sizes:  36”x54”, 38”x60”, 42”x72”
  • We guarantee you will find the perfect goal for your playground or park.

Pole Design

Goalsetter Hoops Profile 5_2014

Internal Height Mechanism / Off-Set Pole

  • Built tough! the Off-Set Pole Design minimizes shake and is built to last!
  • The design enhances the stability and play of the backboard for years of home court play.
  • Corrosion-resistant paint process ensures that your basketball system will look good year after year, no matter what the weather.

Height Adjustment

  • Patented Internal Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism allows the rim height to raise and lower from 6ft to 10ft.
  • Smooth, effortless adjustment with a simple turn of the height adjustment handle.
  • Efficient and safer than standard tension jack mechanisms.
  • Rim Height Indicator allows for easy rim height selection and verification.
  • Height Adjustment Handle and optional Keyed Pinlock allow your Goalsetter® to be locked at any height.
Basketball Hoop Intallation - Goalsetter

Attaching Extension Arms and Backboard

Basketball Hoops Installation

“Walking” Hoop Into Upright Position

Ground Anchor - Goalsetter Hoops

Ground Anchor

Professional Installation

Of course, LuckyDog offers professional installation to your Utah or Idaho playground or park. LuckyDog is unique in the commercial sports equipment industry, we choose the best equipment and also insure that it is professionally installed by our certified construction crew.

Ground Anchor Hinge System

Get the strongest foundation with Goalsetter’s patented Ground Anchor Hinge System:

  • 42” long structural steel anchor to provide the strongest foundation available.
  • Superior performance and durability.

When it comes to choosing the very best in basketball hoops we always go for the top in quality and ease of use.

  • You will know that your Goalsetter® Basketball Hoop is an asset to your Utah, Wyoming or Idaho park or playground.
  • You will appreciate the Goalsetter’s long life and hours of playground fun.

Call us, we will help you choose the perfect Goalsetter® for your playground needs.

Nicole Stoddard – Your Utah, Wyoming and Idaho commercial playground specialist.

P.S. Remember we also have a professional installation crew, making it easy to schedule your playground today.

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Fort Utah Ball Field Shade Construction Project, Provo Utah

For Utah ball field gets custom made shade structures by Custom Canopies. Construction by LuckyDog Recreation.

The finished project was a great addition to the Fort Utah Park. They look great!

When the digging is tough, the holes are 5’ deep, the footers required cages, the project is installed in an old riverbed, and the site requires inspectors, building permits, and bonding . . . you’ll need to hire a contractor that is able, hard-working and professional. So, who you gonna’ call? Why LuckyDog Recreation of course.

The video below will show you start to finish on how our construction crew successfully completed this project.

LuckyDog Recreation, at your service!


Shade and Shelters Fort Utah Provo - LuckyDog Recreation

Shade Construction Fort Utah Provo - LuckyDog Recreation Construction

Fort Utah Sails Shelter by LuckyDog Recreation

Fort Utah Shade Structure by LuckyDog Recreation

Fort Utah Park - Provo City

Dog Park Expertise From Dog-ON-It Parks Systems

Dog Parks Utah and Idaho, LuckyDog Recreation.

PawsGrip patented coating on every surface, a Dog-ON-It

Did you know that dog parks generate more outdoor recreation for the investment than almost any other activity in your parks?

Dog-ON-It-Parks offers the first full line of products engineered specifically for off-leash areas in public parks. Incorporating more than two dozen play activities including ramps, jumps, tunnels, hoops and hurdles, a Dog-ON-It-Parks system fills the need for more interaction between dogs and owners at the park.

All components were designed for durability and low maintenance, using stainless steel hardware, rust proof heavy gauge aluminum and PawsGrip™; their patented coating which provides heavy duty, slip resistant traction.

While safety should always be a top priority when evaluating dog park equipment, it’s an especially important consideration in regions with inclement weather.  PawsGrip™ helps to provide a safe walking surface in all weather conditions including rain, snow,
mud and ice.

Dog Park - PawsGrip - LuckyDog Recreation Utah and Idaho

Safe walking surface in all weather conditions

Similar to the coatings used in truck bed liners, PawsGrip™ is highly textured, incredibly durable yet still comfortable under dogs’ paws.  The coating is also UV protected, so your equipment will stay bright looking and attractive, minus the muddy paw prints, of course!

This Ask An Expert message is brought to you by Nora VandenBerghe and the Dog Park experts at Dog-ON-It Park Systems. You can learn more by contacting LuckyDog Recreation, your trusted full-service source for outdoor recreational equipment and dog park construction in Utah and Idaho. 

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Buddy Bench is a simple way to create friendship on the playground. Now You Can WIN ONE!

·DONATE IT to your favorite nieces/nephew’s school, for example

Playcraft buddy bench

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