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Calling all Parents – Back to School Fundraising Strategies

Back to school fundraising strategies

Back to School Fundraising Tips

Back to school learning isn’t just for children. Parents, put your thinking caps on with these three school fundraising $$$’s for making the kids’ playground dreams come true.

  • $ = Local Activities. These include the cookie dough/gift card sales and the Box Top$ for Education collection drives. If your school already does the box tops clipping for general funds, perhaps a portion can be dedicated to the playground project. Or a Box Top$ bonus drive or sweepstakes contest could be earmarked for playgrounds.

Also included is the new trend to letting your current buying habits fund your project. Fred Meyer, Smith’s, and Target all give back a portion of your spending to any registered non-profit. Make it a campaign: Pay and Play!

Notice this section begins with the Expert Fundraiser website that is full of fundraising tips and support. Learn from the experts and avoid pitfalls.

  • $$ = Grants. Notice the Letters to Lowe’s contest and its deadline in early October. Can students write letters about how play breaks help them absorb and focus better on their studies? Perhaps the parent or project leader can write about the studies showing the necessity of play for integrating classroom learning. And the principal can write of how play aids the social integration and emotional stability necessary for learning.

Writing a compelling and complete grant application takes time. Starting now is a wise choice. So start now by setting up a calendar with deadlines from now into next year.

  • $$$ = Online Options. Involve the world in your playground. Reaching out through the online community connects your school’s needs with supporters from near and far. This newer option is well worth learning the new technology. As the kids tackle mathematics and science, parents can be studying Crowdfunding and how to make it work for a new playground.


When requesting funding for the playground equipment, whether through a grant proposal or a capital campaign request, focus on the needs of the students and/or community.  What benefits come to the students?  

In other words, replacing or adding playground equipment may:

  • create a safe and healthy environment for the students to play
  • enhance  physical fitness – Physically fit students are more likely to do well in their studies than those who are lethargic and out-of-shape.
  • increase children’s ability to learn and process knowledge through play
  • cost effective alternative to constructing a city park
  • benefits the community beyond  your students
  • students and families that gather at your playground, a safe place to play, can build bridges between social segments of the community
  • include the child with different abilities, such as physical or mental disabilities
  • balance children’s lives between study, outdoor play and electronic games

Live in Utah or Idaho and need help with your playground fundraising? Call us, we can help.

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