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Bold, Vidid Colors for Shelley Elementary School Playground Equipment


Bold, vividly colored Utah school playground equipment was a perfect addition to the existing playground equipment for the Shelley Elementary Explorers in American Fork, Utah. The bright “John Deere” yellow and green completed the color combination used in the school logo.

From start to finish, the school kids were a big part of the building process. The LuckyDog crew braved some tough fall weather so the Explorers could go on to search and discover loads of fun.

“I can tell you as a teacher that the playground installation has been a wonderful experience for our students!  I had kindergarteners asking the workers great questions about the construction process and about the machines they used.  The crew stopped and took the time to answer the kids.  You guys are amazing and I’m so proud to be part of our school community.” 
Shelley Elementary Teacher

Utah School Playground Equipment at Shelly Elementary in American Fork

Playcraft™ Playground Structure

Shelley’s PlayCraft™ Systems play equipment includes three bright yellow slides: a dual express slide, plus kid favorites, the spiral slide, and wave slide. 

Utah School Playground Equipment by LuckyDog Recreation

The spiral step climber opposite of the deep rung arch climber gives access to the short arch bridge and onto the horizontal ladder, a twist on the classic monkey bar design.

Utah School Playground Equipment For Utah School Playgrounds by LuckyDog Recreation

A nice yellow lily pad seat and open store panel below the wave slide allows for imaginative free play.

Did You Know?

American Fork was the first Utah Territory community to offer public education to its citizens. The first public school was established around 1860. The Alpine School District mission statement honors it roots by “Educating All Students to Ensure the Future of Our Democracy.”

Choosing The Right Utah School Playground Equipment

Our in-house playground design expert, Lynette Turner, will help you choose the right color combinations for your playground.

When it comes to choosing the right equipment for your school playground, you know the perfect structure for the perfect price, We can help you with options you have never even thought of.

In Pursuit of Play!

Nicole Stoddard – Playcraft™ Rep Utah School Playground Equipment

P.S. Thanks to the LuckyDog Construction Crew! I am one LuckyDog to be working with you.

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*Explorers Logo photo credit: Shelley Elementary

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