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Multi-Family Landscape Design Is For The Dogs

The new multi-family landscaping trend is to bring local dog parks home, where the family lives. Offering a dog park as part of your multi-family landscape design is fun, easy and cost effective.

You can’t help but notice that multi-family complexes in urban areas have been increasing to keep up with the demand. Every year since 2010, Salt Lake City increased rental units by 1,534. During the same time period, the demand for new rental units has averaged 1,869 a year.

Also, rising prices for single family homes has brought a big demand for condos and town homes. Along with the demand, housing complexes have become more inclusive than ever. Consider the Bud Baily Apartments in Salt Lake City, for example.

The Trend We Are Seeing

Multi-family landscape designs are including dog parks. It is easy to see why when you consider that dog ownership has been steadily rising along with the multi-family housing demands.

Because dogs are considered part of the family, catering to dog families can be as simple as saving 500 square feet of space for a dog park. Or changing overgrown, neglected and unmanaged areas into dedicated dog playgrounds.

“Did you know there are currently more dogs in the US than children? And that renters often base their decision making on whether their pets will be welcome too? Dog parks aren’t just a trend in the multi-family industry, they’re a hugely popular amenity for your residents and can also help to promote your community as being truly pet-friendly! There is always a market for pet-owners who are looking for affordable, long term housing and your dog park can help turn a “Maybe” into a “Yes!”

“From a marketing perspective, having an onsite dog park can give you an advantage over a competing property whose residents may have to drive to a nearby off-leash area. Residents are often willing to pay a higher deposit and monthly rent in order to live somewhere that accepts (and welcomes!) their pets. In addition to the financial perks, pet-friendly communities typically see less resident turnover and have a higher rating from resident satisfaction surveys.” Dog-ON-It-Parks

Tips for Building Successful Dog Parks as Part of Your Multi-Family Landscape Design

From fencing to water sources, from poop scooping to signs, from location to equipment, learn what you need to know to consider a dog park as part of your multi-family landscape design by downloading this PDF:  Successful Multi-Family Dog Parks

Need a fun “Dog-ON-It” dog park? Call me.

In Pursuit of Play,

Nicole Stoddard, LuckyDog Recreation

Calling all Landscape Architects and Park Planners

Rope-based Play from Dynamo - LuckyDog RecreationFor all Landscape Architects and Park Planners…

Schedule a 2016 “Lunch and Learn” at Your Facility

Select from 3 timely topics:

  • Playground Drainage
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Download:  Playground Drainage and Rope-based Playgrounds Infomation

Download:  2016 Unitary Surfacing and Rope-based Plagrounds


Play and Playground Magazine for Utah & Idaho

Attention Playground Professionals:
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I would like to invite you to subscribe to “Play & Playground Magazine.”
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The quarterly magazine articles are written by Play and Playground professionals across the nation.

Utah Playground - Magazine

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New Articles in the Spring Issue

Recently my own “Playground Professionals” were featured in the Spring Issue:

“An Interview with Curtis Stoddard”
By: The Play and Playground Magazine

Curtis Stoddard has been a playground contractor for over thirty years and has constructed thousands of playgrounds across the Intermountain West. He co-founded the International Playground Contractors Association (NPCAI) and has been involved with ASTM International (ASTM), the National Playground…
Read More

CJ  added his expertise in an article on playground drainage for keeping your playground equipment and surfacing safe, in working order and free from repairs.  Read More from CJ

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Playground Construction in Eagle, Idaho Starts in March

LuckyDog Recreation descends on Eagle, Idaho with new commercial playground equipment.

Fair spring weather gives everyone spring fever and at LuckyDog we love it when we can start playground construction in Idaho as early as March. We were able to install a complete fun and fabulous playground for Horseshoe Flats.

Horseshoe Flats LuckyDog Constrution
Horseshoe Flats

At Horseshoe Flats, a land development company in Eagle, Idaho, LuckyDog Recreation installed a traditional play structure and swing. This Playcraft playground structure is for ages 5-12 years and features a one piece 6’ spiral slide (so little bottoms don’t feel the bumps) and a variety of climbing events. This is one of our most popular models.

 Playground Eagle Idaho - LuckyDog Recreation

The space saving single-post swing has 2 belts seats for 5-12 years and includes 1 tot seat. This is a popular model of swing because it takes up a very little safety zone.

 Playground Eagle Idaho - LuckyDog Recreation

Horseshoe Flats is part of a larger development called Legacy, a planned community with all the site amenities and beautiful landscape including a golf course, lakes, ponds and now a new playground, is located at 6401 W. Floating Feather Drive.

Click here for more at the 590 acre Legacy Residential Community.

Owner: Horseshoe Flats, LLC, Justin Martin, 208-850-9654

Playground Equipment: PlayCraft Systems® distributed in Idaho and Utah by LuckyDog Recreation

Playground Installation: By LuckyDog of course!

 Playground Eagle Idaho - LuckyDog Recreation Playground Eagle Idaho - LuckyDog RecreationHorseshoe Flats Plaground Equipment Design

Like this playground? Call LuckyDog today!

LuckDog Call Button Blue

P.S. Thanks to Horseshoe Flats in Eagle, Idaho, now Legacy Community children have a fun place to play.

Active children encouraged!

Price River Trail Gets New Shaded Outdoor Exercise Equipment

The Price River Trail, a riverside walking trail and scenic attraction in Price, Utah, received an amazing upgrade.  Now, when you park at the beginning of the trail at 600 South Carbon Avenue, you can start your trek with a warm-up workout.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment by Playcraft Systems

The new outdoor exercise equipment was provided and installed by LuckyDog Recreation and custom manufactured by Playcraft Systems. This model of “ExerCraft” by Playcraft includes two fitness towers with 3-positions fitness stations on each tower; the equipment that includes a chest press, crunch station, cross trainer, leg press and more.

Shade Structures by Custom Canopies

The shade shelter for this project was manufactured by Custom Canopies, and is a cinch to put up in the spring and take down in late fall. Russell Seeley, City Engineer says that price doesn’t get much snow, so the snow load on the custom shade structure is not an issue. However, in winter months they do get a lot of wind. So the fabric shade is stored during the winter months. As part of the bid package, the city did purchase a 2nd fabric shade for future use.
Customers that remove their fabric shade during the off-season have been using the same fabric shade for 10 plus years without having to replace it. It’s tough stuff! a lot of folks think that the Utah and Idaho climate is too harsh for fabric shades, but I always tell them, “Think about Florida they get hurricane winds! and they use fabric shades on all their playgrounds.”

Contractor Required to Have Bonding, Permits, Inspections

The Price River Trail parking lot improvements were a public works project requiring the awarded contractor to be bonded. City building permits and inspections were also required. Because LuckyDog Recreation is a full-service company, projects of this size and scope are done turn-key allowing the owners flexibility and added assurance that the project will be done right from concept to completion.

pour-in-place surfacing Price River UtahSpecial Construction Considerations

Because the construction of the project is near the river, special consideration was made for a high water table. The equipment was mounted on a concrete pad on which the pour-in-place surfacing was laid. The footers for the shade structure are spread footers allowing more ground surface to bear on.

Pour-In-Place Surfacing

The pour-in-place surfacing is a 50/50 mix of tan (all new material) and black (recycled material). Mixing the black recycled material with any color makes it more cost effective. Much like carpet for your home, adding a sprinkle of dark color can hide a lot of spills.

Placing fall resilient surfacing under exercise equipment is not a requirement, however, the City of Price wanted the added user-comfort and the attractive look that the seamless, slip resistant surface brings to the aesthetics of the site.

Strong Fabric Shade Structure

Shade Structure Price River Utah - LuckyDog Recreation

Shade Stucture Park and Playground Price River, Utah

Outdoor Exercise Equipment Utah

Outdooor Excercise Equipment Price River Utah

Call me for your outdoor exercise equipment or shade structures. Because LuckyDog is a full-service company, we make sure you get exactly what you want.

In pursuit of play,

Nicole Stoddard – LuckyDog Recreation

Utah Park Shelters - LuckyDog Recreation
Pour-In-Place Surfacing Utah

E Excercraft by Playcraft Installed by LuckyDog Recreation

Playground Construction at Greystone Apartments, Caldwell Idaho

The children of the newly renovated Greystone Apartments, in Caldwell, Idaho, got more than new carpet and paint, they got a complete new playground. LuckyDog Recreation, Idaho Playground Construction, was the subcontractor to Kier Construction out of Ogden, Utah.

 Placraft Playground System - Greystone Apartments, in Caldwell, Idaho
The owners’ of the project, Thomlinson and Associates,  selected a custom PlayCraft playground system, complete with a climbing wall and the famous Neutron Spinner.
Site amenities such as benches and bike racks to complete the site. The selected colors compliment the newly painted buildings. They also selected our Sof Fall wood fiber safety surfacing.

Playground Equipment - Greystone Apartments, in Caldwell, Idaho

The LuckyDog Crew is always pleased to work with Kier Construction.

CJ. Stoddard – LuckDog Recreation, Playground Construction Idaho

Kier Construction


Tomlinson and Associates

Playground Construction at Heron Village Apartments – Meridian, Idaho

CJ and the LuckyDog construction crew faced a muddy mess when they started construction on the new Playcraft Playground in Meridian, Idaho. You can see LuckyDog crew member, Ryan Brunell in the video…he is always such a good sport and willing to work in all the tough conditions this playground construction crew faces.

This playground construction is part of the new Heron Village Apartments located on 51 E Blue Heron (between Fairview and Ustick) in Meridian, Idaho.

The children at the new apartment homes of Heron Village will have to wait till December to start playing on their new equipment. Site Superintendent, Zac Zollinger, said the new apartment homes will be ready for tenants as earlier as December.  There is already a long waiting list for these fabulous new apartments.

The new Playcraft Playground equipment is still awaiting safety surfacing and the surrounding area will have lots benches and bike racks and a new basket ball standard from LuckyDog Recreation. The new playground opening will coincide with the opening of the apartment complex.

This complex was planned and built by Dave Evans Construction based out of Boise, Idaho.  It has been a pleasure working with them. The produce a quality product.

“Although we will likely never meet the children and the families that will use this LuckyDog playground installation, it is our great privilege to render useful service through the play opportunities our playgrounds provide.” Nicole Stoddard

Call us for your next playground construction job. We get the job done!

Nicole Stoddard, Sales Rep for Playcraft Systems in Idaho and Utah

Dog Park Expertise From Dog-ON-It Parks Systems

Dog Parks Utah and Idaho, LuckyDog Recreation.

PawsGrip patented coating on every surface, a Dog-ON-It

Did you know that dog parks generate more outdoor recreation for the investment than almost any other activity in your parks?

Dog-ON-It-Parks offers the first full line of products engineered specifically for off-leash areas in public parks. Incorporating more than two dozen play activities including ramps, jumps, tunnels, hoops and hurdles, a Dog-ON-It-Parks system fills the need for more interaction between dogs and owners at the park.

All components were designed for durability and low maintenance, using stainless steel hardware, rust proof heavy gauge aluminum and PawsGrip™; their patented coating which provides heavy duty, slip resistant traction.

While safety should always be a top priority when evaluating dog park equipment, it’s an especially important consideration in regions with inclement weather.  PawsGrip™ helps to provide a safe walking surface in all weather conditions including rain, snow,
mud and ice.

Dog Park - PawsGrip - LuckyDog Recreation Utah and Idaho

Safe walking surface in all weather conditions

Similar to the coatings used in truck bed liners, PawsGrip™ is highly textured, incredibly durable yet still comfortable under dogs’ paws.  The coating is also UV protected, so your equipment will stay bright looking and attractive, minus the muddy paw prints, of course!

This Ask An Expert message is brought to you by Nora VandenBerghe and the Dog Park experts at Dog-ON-It Park Systems. You can learn more by contacting LuckyDog Recreation, your trusted full-service source for outdoor recreational equipment and dog park construction in Utah and Idaho. 

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