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Dynamo Apollo Rotating Climber and Kids Equals Tons of Fun!

The proof is in the “Play!” and the kids in this video know how to pack in lots of play on the Dynamo Rotating Climber.

Look at how much fun kids are having on the Apollo Rotating Climber! a 21st Century Merry-Go-Round, rated for 35 children at one time!

Dynamo Apollo Rotating Climber - Playground Equipment for Utah and Idaho brought to you by LuckyDog RecreationDynamo: a machine that produces electricity or someone who has a lot of energy.

Dynamo Rotating Climbers: generating energetic play of magnetic proportions at parks and playgrounds everywhere.

Dynamo rotating climbers are the best play value per square inch real-estate that there is. The Apollo, for example only needs a 26’ use zone and rated for 35 children at one time.

Remember the fun of a Merry-Go-Round? The dynamo Apollo Spinners bring movement, balance, exercise and fun back into the playground.

The Dynamo Rotating Climber facts:

  • Fun for kids of all ages.
  • Fuels children’s imaginations…
  • ADA accessible.
  • Solid-Deck floors provide fun for all abilities.
  • A Revolutionary look!
  • Steel-reinforced soft nylon ropes.
  • Lots of color choices.

Dynamo Playgrounds are Worldwide leaders in rope climbing commercial playground equipment. We are proud that LuckyDog Recreation is their sole representative for Utah and Idaho.

When it comes to Idaho commercial playground equipment you can’t go wrong with LuckyDog Recreation and Dynamo Playgrounds…we are on the cutting edge.

When it comes to Utah commercial playground equipment, you can create a lifetime of fun with Dynamo Playground Equipment and LuckyDog Recreation Playground Construction.

The new Dynamo rope climber playground equipment is so revolutionary that we are installing the new rotating climbers and new playgrounds all over Utah and Idaho.  You will love working with us because we bring you a complete package of sales, service and construction.

Nicole Stoddard – LuckyDog Recreation Sales and Service
Curtis Stoddard – LuckyDog Recreation Construction Specialist

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The Proof is in the Play! Check out a Dynamo Rotating Climber near you:

Orval Krasen Park – North Stierman Way, Eagle, Idaho

Bellano Creek – 3790 North Ten Mile Road, Meridian Idaho

Comba Park – 2995 N Five Mile Road Boise, Idaho

Bothwell Park – 10400 West 11600 North, Bothwell, Utah

Huntington Park – 20 South Main Street, Huntington, Utah

Canyon View Park – 100 North 60 East, Nephi, Utah

Click and Save As to Download the Dynamo Commercial Playground Equipment PDFs:

Download Apollo Specs PDF

Download Dynamo Warranties PDF

Download Dynamo Color Choices PDF

Meridian Idaho Playground Construction – Dynamo Rope-Based Play System

Construction Manager, CJ Stoddard and Installers, Ryan Brunell and Thomas Bright with Manufacturer Rob Lockhart, give the new rotating climber a test drive.

Construction Manager, CJ Stoddard and Installers, Ryan Brunell and Thomas Bright with Dyanamo’s Rob Lockhart, give the new rotating climber a test drive.

LuckyDog Recreation unleashes “New-Fangled” playground equipment in Idaho.  Construction takes place this week in Meridian at new Coleman Homes Community, Bellano Creek.

Climbing playground equipment is the new buzz word in the world of children’s play and LuckyDog Recreation, a locally based playground construction company, is blowing the market open in Idaho for this “new-fangled” style of equipment.

“The next wave of exciting playground equipment is rope-based playgrounds,” said Nicole Stoddard, of LuckyDog Recreation. “The reason they are ‘so hot’ is that they engage children ‘of all ages’ …including grown-ups… in dynamic community play. Unlike traditional playgrounds that tend to ‘segregate’ able-bodied activities from activities intended for people with limited abilities, rope climbing playgrounds are designed to be universally inclusive. So everyone can have the same fun at the same time on the same toy,” continues Stoddard.

Attention landscape architect and park and playground planners: Meet and Greet playground experts –LuckyDog Recreation will unveil the second rope-based playground game, the Astro Rotating Climber, in the Treasure Valley tomorrow, Weds. April 30th at 1:00 PM at Bellano Creek, a Coleman Homes’ property and third community in Meridian, ID, located North of the intersection of Ten Mile Road and Ustick Road.

Landscape architects and park and playground planners are encouraged to take this opportunity to meet and greet the rope climbing playground equipment experts from LuckyDog Recreation and special guest, Rob Lockhart, engineer and rope climbing playground expert from Dynamo Playgrounds, the company that is pioneering the resurgence of this unique form of play equipment world-wide.

Rob has worked with Dynamo for more than a decade to take their innovative products to new heights, including the new Quad Pods double-rotating climber, and the new World’s Tallest Pyramid Net standing 50 feet tall.  As a leader in the commercial playground industry, Dynamo is an active participant in the IPEMA program and other ways to ensure safe play for all children.

Rob sits on both the IPEMA Equipment Certification Committee as well as the ASTM Subcommittee on Playgrounds for Public Use, as well as being an advisor to the CSA Technical Committee in Children’s Playspaces & Equipment. Rob is knowledgeable about every aspect of the design and construction of rope based playground equipment, as well as all of the world’s major safety standards, is a great resource for anyone looking to better understand all of the possibilities of this non-traditional way of play.

About Coleman Homes, Bellano Creek –For over 40 years, Coleman Homes has established a reputation for building premier communities and quality homes throughout California, Nevada and Idaho. As a second generation, family-owned real estate company, Coleman Homes is committed to the preservation and appreciation of home values in the Treasure Valley.

For the Bellano Creek project, Coleman Homes broke ground on their sales center and model home complex, featuring three fully decorated model homes, in late December 2013 and opened the models to the public in the middle of March this year.

Bellano Creek will be a wonderful neighborhood for families as it will feature parks with playground equipment built by LuckyDog Recreation and a swimming pool. Coleman Homes is the exclusive builder at Bellano Creek; providing a reliable, personal and financial long-term investment for the homeowners of Bellano Creek.

Urgency for Park Planners – The sense of urgency for park planners & providers of play equipment to provide equipment that challenges, engages, and gets families involved in outdoor physical activity is ever increasing. Dynamo Playgrounds is leading the world-wide charge by changing the way children perceive their play environment. Thanks to LuckyDog Recreation and forward thinking home builders like Coleman homes, the new “landscape of play” has arrived in Idaho.

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