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Go from Good to Great with LuckyDog

All playground equipment companies offer some kind of product warranty, which is good – BUT – LuckyDog’s warranty is GREAT.

  • Your product warranty is never pro-rated with LuckyDog. If you ever need to replace a part, full-replacement value applies. You’ll agree our warranty is the best in the industry. All of your “full” warranty claims are handled in a timely, courteous, and friendly manner.

All playground equipment manufacturers participate in some sustainable business practices, which is good – BUT – LuckyDog’s helps you support the local economy and participate in sustainable business practices at the same time, which is GREAT.

  • Our playground systems are manufactured on the West Coast which means less product packaging; fewer crates, less cardboard and other packaging materials that have to be hauled to recycling center. Our packaging is up to ¼ the amount of packaging required by products shipping here from back East.
  • You reduce your carbon footprint by 1/3 over products shipping from back East. You do your part to safe-gaurd the planet for all children.
  • As you know, supporting the local economy helps you and your community.
  • You have more buying power when you purchase from LuckyDog Recreation. You save money on the cost of materials and shipping because the distance your products have to travel is reduced by 1/3.

All recreational equipment company’s can give you a reference, which is good – BUT- LuckyDog’s references are GREAT.

  • References: Need references? Call, we have plenty we can fax you. 1-800-388-2197

Busy Bee's Playground in Roy Utah - By PlayCraft Playgrounds and LuckyDog Recreation pre-school playground for Busy Bee's Playhouse in Roy, Utah

Most reputable recreational equipment company’s can refer you to an installer who can build and install their products, which is good – BUT – LuckyDog Recreation offers you our professional in-house construction team ready to serve you “before” your equipment even arrives. That’s GREAT.

At your service: Experience, licensed, certified, and insured professional installation, guaranteed.

Our specialty: Turn-key projects, site evaluations, and sub-contractor recreational equipment construction management services.

Exclusive to You: Post construction inspections services included with every installation we do. This service is so “exclusive” to our company we only share it with our preferred clients.

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