Client Recommendations

5 Stars

“Thank You! I really enjoyed working with you. I’m really glad I was involved in giving the school something they can be proud of for years to come.

“Of all the playground manufacturing companies that I am familiar with, I honestly think that Playcraft is the best on the market. The structures are made to very high standards. One thing I really like is their packaging and shipping. I have dealt with others (no name mentioned here) and everything is just dumped into a large cardboard crated framed with wood; terrible.

“Thank you again. It was an honor to have the playground chosen as the best for the year, and to have been the installer.”
Blaine County School District, Maintenance Director Lester Wilson – Hailey, Idaho

5 Stars “The process [of working with LuckyDog] was a pleasure from the very beginning, from the planning stage to completion; this company was fabulous to work with! They worked in the worst weather and were always cheerful…what a great bunch of guys!

“Nicole, Lynette, Jordyn, CJ, and the rest of the crew feel like family! Not a day went by that we were not in contact. What a wonderful experience!

“The equipment is a well-thought-out portion of our park, and it all fits together perfectly. It catches the eye from the highway and the kids are all smiles! [The playground] has been busy every day since it’s completion!

“I have already recommended LuckyDog to other cities, counties, and schools. They are even my favorites on Facebook! We are hoping to use them again soon in our other park. Thank you!”
Rigby City Clerk – Rigby South Park Playground, Rigby, Idaho

5 Stars “Fast service, prompt response and quality work. I would recommend LuckyDog to anyone that is interested [in installing recreation equipment]. I rate them as excellent because of their great communication, fast install, and the fact that the installers left the site in clean condition.”  (Everlast Climbing Wall Installation)
Wallace Stegner Charter School, Salt Lake City, Utah

5 Stars “[LuckyDog Recreation had] great response and follow up. The crew was committed to working in the cold weather and left the job site very clean. We love the look of the new equipment but haven’t had a chance to use it yet because of the [winter] season. I would recommend LuckyDog to others.”
1-800-Contacts Pavilion, Salt Lake City, Utah

5 Stars “I rated LuckyDog as excellent because we needed a playground in an expedited time, and Rhetta helped make that happen for us. The installation crew did a great job!

“I have heard great things about the [newly installed] playground from residents that have used it. I love that it maximizes the space to offer lots of options for kids to play. I would be willing to recommend LuckyDog to others!”
Destination Homes – Hill Farms Phase 4, Kaysville, Utah

5 Stars“The playground looks beautiful and we are thrilled with the work LuckyDog has done. Thank you for producing a beautiful playground for us!”
Michelle Tanner, Director, Utah School for the Deaf

5 Stars“I have been receiving updates from Kevin, Facilities Coordinator and Phil, Director of Heritage Park Care Center, along the way and they are both thrilled with the end results.

“I commend CJ for all the hard work and devotion he put into this project. You two make a great team and I am so glad you were selected for this project.”
Andy Shafer, Director of Construction

5 Stars

“Greetings Nicole,  You, your company has been excellent. I have passed around your information to our office and when we look to purchase more I will definitely be calling.”
Christian Brockel, Community Association Manager, Sentry Management Inc.

5 Stars“The kids absolutely love the new playground. There is still the same excitement as the first day they played on it. Such a huge thing for our center, so thank you!”
Jennifer Lindstrom, Busy Bee’s Director

5 Stars“CJ: Thanks for all of the hard work. Everything turned out fantastic. Your team did an outstanding job.”
Kevin Judd – Senior Maintenance Director, Busy Bee’s Playhouse

5 Stars“Thank you for everything!  Your guys called while I was at the dentist and I missed their call so you helped them locate the toy in storage.  They installed it quickly, with a smile, and left quietly. 

Thanks again for being so wonderful to work with.  When we raise more money, we will definitely use your company!”
Delna Bliss, Principal, Delta Elementary

5 Stars“I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work and patience with us, and for supplying such a beautiful product! It will be quite the hit once we finalize the rest of the project.

All three of you were exemplary models of professionalism and a true joy to work with. I am drafting a letter of recommendation and will send it to you shortly.”
Salt Lake Bee’s Manager, Bryan Kinneberg

5 Stars“Just wanted to tell you how excited we are to have our equipment in! All the kids and staff are so happy!

“CJ and his crew are fantastic, they are very professional and courteous. I was worried about installing while the kids are around but they have it under control and it has been great. We had a slight problem with the size of the area for the dome and they were great to help our guys figure out how to make it the right size.

“Thank you for all your help in getting this done for us, from start to finish you guys have been great! Hope we can work with you guys again in the future!”
Malinda Dawson – Shelly Elementary

5 Stars“We live on Stierman Way, near Orval Krasen Park. Our boys have grown up playing there since we moved into the neighborhood 9 years ago. I wanted to thank you for the new playground equipment. First, our boys love it. Second, it has brought the kids “out of the woodwork” from around our neighborhood.

“Tonight there were more than I’ve ever seen enjoying the new spinning cone, playing kickball, swinging, and generally recreating at “our” park. We now hear the joyful sound of kids playing with ours in our neighborhood. This is something I’ve waited 9 years for.   Thank you.”
Orval Krasen Park, Idaho Neighbor

5 Stars“I wish to thank you for the new piece of equipment just installed in this park, My wife and I have lived across from the park for over 5 years. This is the first time I can remember the constant sound of kids playing. So far the park has come back to life!   Thank you.”
Orval Krasen Park Idaho Neighbor

5 Stars“Your guys were very professional and nice. I am very impressed. Please pass the compliment on to your crew and have a great summer!
Delna Bliss – Principal, Delta Elementary

5 Stars“The Apollo Spinner has been a great addition to the playground. Kids run to it first and it seems like they can’t get enough of it.”
J. Christensen, Bothwell, Utah

5 Stars“Nicole and Lynette were great to work with. Their knowledge about playgrounds and playground equipment was expansive and so helpful.”
C.C. – Mount Pleasant, Utah

5 Stars“Excellent in all areas of service. The construction crew was very professional. The job was done in a timely manner.

We are extremely happy with our equipment purchase and found that the people at LuckyDog were very knowledgeable.”
Lyle, Rigby, Idaho

5 Stars“LuckyDog Recreation did an excellent job! The knowledgeable and quick response of the construction supervisor, CJ,  helped us make informed decisions and avoid potential problems.

“LuckyDog easily adapted to major changes without any extra charges. We would definitely do business with them in the future.”
M. Dean Hutchison – Provo City Parks and Recreation

5 Stars“Curtis and Nicole,  There are simply no words to express our gratitude for the awesome job you did at our school. If you ever need any more references, please add us to your list!

Another thank you for the games, poster and things you sent afterward. “Slyde” looks great in our gym.

You guys are the best”
BJ – Business Manager

5 Stars“Nicole, Curtis, Lynette, and CJ,  
I ask teachers, staff and some of the kids for feedback on how the playground installation went, I got a cute message from one of the Kindergarten teachers regarding CJ and his crew:
‘I can tell you as a teacher that the playground installation has been a wonderful experience for our students!  I had kindergarteners asking the workers great questions about the construction process and about the machines they used.  The crew stopped and took the time to answer the kids.  My students are SOOO thrilled to try out the new rock climbing walls!  You guys are amazing and I’m so proud to be part of our school community.’  Shelley Elementary Teacher
“I know that CJ probably felt like he was being hawk watched.  But I am the type that would prefer that things be done right the first time.  Anytime that I was on the site to work on a question or to solve the problem the trucking company caused  :), CJ and his crew were always very respectful to me.  As a woman that has worked in the construction field, I can hold my own. But it is very nice when you don’t have to. 🙂

“I look forward to getting the bid for the second phase.  I know that the PTA and parents are trying a lot harder to get the funds raised now. The kids love what they got so far, want to see more.

“Thanks for all that you guys have done!”
Melinda Dawson – Cornaby’s LLC Marketing

Rest assured, your playground construction or park
construction will meet the highest standards.

You have 25 years of experience to depend upon.

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