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How to utilize your ground space to its full potential!

Just how big a project will your playground be?  It is usually a balancing act between the actual ground space, the available funds, and how many kids will be vying for play space.

While it may seem obvious that the area needs to have enough activity centers to keep the kids interested and involved, it might not be as obvious that the plan needs to also include both active and quiet play areas.

A playground that truly serves kids includes places for their quiet needs.  In planning, this means creatively finding space for calmer activities.  Can there be space for sand play?  A music corner or wind chime path?  A dreaming nook?

Often the quiet centers don’t require major purchases, rather an awareness of the need so they can be planned in.  Remember, including both types of play will bring a balance to your playground – and to the kids’ play.  Play on!

Taken from “Playground Equipment: Asking the Right Questions.” at Welcome to Christian School Products,

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