Azure Meadows Park Shelter in Taylorsville Utah

It’s always a good feeling when a project is complete. This past week marks the completion of the park shelter at Azure Meadows Park in Taylorsville, Utah.

The PlayCraft Systems™ playground and Coverworx park shelter was purchased by the Tailorsville community as a package deal. However, the playground was finished over a month ago, so it’s nice to put the finishing touch on the park shelter and have the port-a-potty on it’s way to the next job site, which also happens to be a park shelter job…that’s another story.

Utah Park Shelter by Coverworx installed by LuckyDog Recreation. A great addition to Azure Meadows Park in Utah.


This two-tier picnic shelter is All-Steel with Tongue and Groove Decking underneath, a lovely addition to an already good-looking shelter! And talk about a great addition to the neighborhood.

Tongue and celling for Utah Park Shelter at Azure Meadows Park by LuckyDog Recreation and Coverworx

I can’t say enough about the two-tiered look and how it makes the entire shelter look larger than it really it. It’s about 16′ X 24′ and the concrete pad extends about three feet in each direction. The pad also goes directly into the playground pit but doesn’t allow wood surfacing to migrate up onto the concrete pad.

There is still a bit of site-work to do; a sidewalk from the perimeter to the shelter and a bike path around the back of the whole park. But starting today. the community of Azure Meadows in Taylorsville, Utah can start using their park shelter as an accompanying amenity to the awesome Playcraft playground.

LuckyDog Recreation - Utah Playground Construction Crew for new Utah Plark Shelter.

Nicole Stoddard – Representing Coverworx Park Shelters Utah and Idaho

P.S. To see more pictures of the playground and the park shelter visit the Azure Meadows Park Renovation Facebook page.

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