Dynamo Playgrounds Announces Launch of a New Net Playground Equipment

On June 25th 2014, Dynamo Playgrounds unveiled hot new net playground equipment called the Nebula series. At LuckyDog we are excited with the 8 new net climbers, especially the ones made for tots.

” Each structure displays a futuristic look that is sure to spark the curiosity of all playground users. Due to their compact configuration, Nebula nets can hold a large number of children in a limited space.” Dynamo Playgrounds

“These structures are a reflection of the latest developments in playground design!”
– Richard Martin, CEO of Dynamo Playgrounds

Net Climbers for kids of all ages:

The Nebula Flux

Utah Net Playground equipment - Dynamo and LuckyDog Recreation

Capacity 50 – L -18′ 9″ W-18′ 9″ H-14′ 5″

The Nebula Twister

Net Climber Playground Equipment Utah by Dynamo

Capacity 17 –  L-24′ 0″ W- 2′ 9″ H-14′

The Nebula Vortex

Net Climber Playground Equipment Utah by Dynamo

Capacity 75 – L-26’10” W-22’10” H-39’1″

Net Climbers for tots:

The Nebula Nano

Nebula Nano

Capacity 21 – D-13’7″ H-8’2″ D-25’6′












Nebula Mini I

Net climbing playground equipment - Dynamo and LuckyDog

L-16’10” W-2’0″ H-8’6″

Nebula Mini II

Utah Playgrounds - Net Climber

L-20’2″ W-2’2″ H-10’1″

Nebula Mini III

Utah Playgrounds - Net Climber

L-20′ 2″ W-2′ 2″ H-10’1″

Nebula Mini IV

Idaho Playground equipment - Net Climber

L-16′ 10″ W-5′ 11″ H-8′ 6″

New Net Climber Components

Of course every net climber playground has been built of the finest materials. Dynamo uses the highest steel content in the industry to ensure long life of the games and maximum safety for the children. And every playground is backed by the Dynamo Warranty.

All nylon ropes are UV protected and come in a fun array of colors.

Rope Colors for Dynamo Playground Net Climbers

Net Climber Safety

IPEMA CertifiedDynamo playgrounds has received written validation from the independent laboratory that the products(s) associated with the use of the IPEMA logo conforms with the requirements of the indicated standards. Dynamo has delivered playgrounds to over 50 nations worldwide.

Congratulations to Dynamo Playgrounds for being the leader in innovative net climbers. We love your new products. Dynamo net playground climbers have been a favorite on the playgrounds we have installed. Kids gravitate to them and can’t get enough!

I hope everyone is as excited as we are to have these fabulous net climbers ready to be delivered and installed on your playground.

Call and lets get some fun started today!

Nicole Stoddard – Dynamo Playgrounds Rep for Utah and Idaho

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