Fort Utah Ball Field Shade Construction Project, Provo Utah

For Utah ball field gets custom made shade structures by Custom Canopies. Construction by LuckyDog Recreation.

The finished project was a great addition to the Fort Utah Park. They look great!

When the digging is tough, the holes are 5’ deep, the footers required cages, the project is installed in an old riverbed, and the site requires inspectors, building permits, and bonding . . . you’ll need to hire a contractor that is able, hard-working and professional. So, who you gonna’ call? Why LuckyDog Recreation of course.

The video below will show you start to finish on how our construction crew successfully completed this project.

LuckyDog Recreation, at your service!


Shade and Shelters Fort Utah Provo - LuckyDog Recreation

Shade Construction Fort Utah Provo - LuckyDog Recreation Construction

Fort Utah Sails Shelter by LuckyDog Recreation

Fort Utah Shade Structure by LuckyDog Recreation

Fort Utah Park - Provo City

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