5 Reasons To Top-Off Your Engineered Wood Fiber Surfacing Now

When your playground’s wood fiber surface falls below the original installation depth, it is time to top-off.

You can check your Sof’Fall® levels by verifying that the top-off warning labels on your vertical posts are concealed with adequate EWF (Engineered Wood Fiber).

If you can see the warning labels, it is time to top-off to keep your playground in compliance with safety standards. Even more important, for the safety of your children.


5 Reasons To Top-Off Today

  1. Safety  Sof’Fall Engineered Wood Fiber® surfacing needs to be maintained at the installed depth for the safety of children.
  2. Faster Delivery  During busy summer months there is a lot of demand for wood surfacing. Avoid waiting in line by ordering now.
  3. Peace of Mind  Topping off your wood fiber surfacing before it becomes a safety hazard lets you sleep well at night knowing you are providing the best standard of care on all your playgrounds.
  4.  For the Play of It  Your playgrounds will be ready for winter, spring, summer and fall safe play.
  5.  Save Money  LuckyDog will hold 2017 pricing for all orders placed before March – so get your playgrounds topped off before prices increase.

LuckyDog offers installation on everything we sell and EWF is no different. Your EWF is sourced in Wyoming and LuckyDog’s installation team is right here in Wyoming ready to serve you.

So call today!  800-388-2196

Nicole and the LuckyDog Team

P.S. To see all of our surfacing options download this pdf:  Surfacing Options.

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