New Dynamo Apollo Brings Out the Eagle, Idaho Kids

Recently we installed the Dynamo Apollo Rotating Climber at the Orval Krasen Park in Eagle, Idaho.

We were thrilled to see that the neighbors love the new playground. Here are copies of two emails sent to Eagle Parks and Recreation:

“Hello – 
We live on Stierman Way, near Orval Krasen Park. Our boys have grown up playing there since we moved into the neighborhood 9 years ago.

“I wanted to thank you for the new playground equipment. First, our boys love it. Second, it has brought the kids “out of the woodwork” from around our neighborhood.

Tonight there were more than I’ve ever seen enjoying the new spinning cone, playing kickball, swinging, and generally recreating at “our” park. We now hear the joyful sound of kids playing with ours in our neighborhood. This is something I’ve waited 9 years for.

Thank you.”

“I wish to thank you on the new piece of equipment just installed in this park, My wife and I have lived across from the park for over 5 years. This is the first time I can remember the constant sound of kids playing. So far the park has come back to life!

Thank you.”

Dynamo Rotating Climbers from a Kids Perspective

From a child’s perspective, the Dynamo Rotating Net Climbers are just plain fun!

Kids don’t consciously think about the fact that when it’s their turn to push the climber to keep it in motion they are actually exercising. They don’t consider that fact that they are engaging in “cooperative play” when its their turn to keep the climber in motion or climb to the tip-top to feel the spinning force of a carnival ride.

They do think about how much FUN they are having and where giggles abound, there may just possibly be a Dynamo Rotating Net Climber involved..

Dynamo Rotating Climbing Playground from a Parents Perspective

From a parents perspective; the whole family can engage in the same activity at the same time having the same fun. And, because the Dynamo Apollo™ and Astro™ are ADA accessible, children with disabilities can still engage in the same fun as everyone else. This is “inclusive play” at its best.

The Dynamo Apollo from a Parks and Recreation Perspective

From a playground providers perspective; a Dynamo Rotating Climbers are the best play value per square inch real-estate that there is. The Apollo, for example only needs a 26’ use zone and rated for 35 children at one time. Dynamo Spinning Nets are a true value; what playground planners call a “real bang for your buck”.

The Proof is in the Play! Check out a Dynamo Rotating Climber near you:

OrvalKrasen Park – North Stierman Way, Eagle, Idaho

Bellano Creek – 3790 North Ten Mile Road, Meridian Idaho

Comba Park – 2995 N Five Mile Road Boise, Idaho

Bothwell Park – 10400 West 11600 North, Bothwell, Utah

Huntington Park – 20 South Main Street, Huntington, Utah

Canyon View Park – 100 North 60 East, Nephi, Utah

The LuckyDog Recreation playground construction team has been installing Dynamo Rotating Climbers at elementary schools and city parks all over Utah and Idaho. Could your town be next?

Dynamo Apollo Spinner Utah and Idaho Map

Bring your parks and playgrounds to life with a Dynamo rope-base playground!

Nicole Stoddard – Dynamo Playground Rep for Utah and Idaho

LuckDog Call Button Blue

Click and Save As to Download the Dynamo Commercial Playground Equipment PDFs:

Download Apollo Specs PDF

Download Dynamo Warranties PDF

Download Dynamo Color Choices PDF

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