Dog Parks Provide Your Canine Friends a Place to Play

Our four-legged friends love a playground just as much as we do, and Dog-ON-It Parks knows just the right things to keep your pups happy!

Dog parks are quick to install and can fit into any space, providing your canine friends with a place to play, sniff, socialize, and have a little fun before getting down to business (yes, a doggy bag stand and trash can are a must for your space!). We can even provide an anti-microbial turf that cleans up with a quick spray of water.

Our friends at Aderra Apartments in Roy, Utah recently added a few fun toys to their dog park, giving the residents a great place to let Fido get the wiggles out!

Check out Dog-ON-It’s monthly newsletter for incredible ideas to fund your new dog park and darling events to host with your neighborhood pooch patrol! Our furry friends make our houses a home so let’s make sure they have their space to play, too!

It’s the “Year of the Dog” so let LuckyDog Recreation give you the best deal on your new dog park toys today!

In Pursuit of “Doggy” Play,

Rhetta McIff, Utah’s Creative Play Designer  – 385-222-1030

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