CJ Stoddard: Playground and Park Construction Specialist

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LuckyDog Recreation
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Client Recommendations

5 Stars
LuckyDog Recreation did an excellent job!
The knowledgeable and quick response of the construction supervisor, CJ,  helped us make informed decisions and avoid potential problems.

LuckyDog easily adapted to major changes without any extra charges.

We would definitely do business with them in the future.

M. Dean Hutchison
Provo City Parks and Recreation

5 Stars

Curtis and Nicole,

There are simply no words to express our gratitude for the awesome job you did at our school. I ever need any more references, please add us to your list!

Another thank you for the games, poster and things you sent afterwards. “Slyde” looks great in our gym.

You guys are the best!

BJ. Business Manager


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Playground Construction ForemanCJ StoddardI was raised on a playground construction job site.

Playgrounds are in my blood. I started digging holes and using a measuring a tape at around age 10 and have been learning the trade, the profession, and the intricacies of playground construction ever since.

As foreman of my own construction team for the past five years, I have had the opportunity to build all major brands of playground equipment.

I tell my guys that, “We construct playgrounds in the Rockies. This isn’t the Midwest, the East Coast, this is the Rockies.” Hard pan, river rock, caliche, lava rock, gumbo, frozen ground, muddy conditions, snow, and water are expected challenges on any given day.

The tools of our trade include shovels, jack hammers, rock picks, augers, ratchets, and drills, along with lots of muscle, finesse, and dedication to getting the job done right.

CJ Stoddard, Construction Foreman

Utah Playground Construction: Certified Playground Safety Inspector


Rest assured, your playground construction or park construction will meet the highest standards.
You have 23 years of experience to depend upon.

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