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Price River Trail Gets New Shaded Outdoor Exercise Equipment

The Price River Trail, a riverside walking trail and scenic attraction in Price, Utah, received an amazing upgrade.  Now, when you park at the beginning of the trail at 600 South Carbon Avenue, you can start your trek with a warm-up workout.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment by Playcraft Systems

The new outdoor exercise equipment was provided and installed by LuckyDog Recreation and custom manufactured by Playcraft Systems. This model of “ExerCraft” by Playcraft includes two fitness towers with 3-positions fitness stations on each tower; the equipment that includes a chest press, crunch station, cross trainer, leg press and more.

Shade Structures by Custom Canopies

The shade shelter for this project was manufactured by Custom Canopies, and is a cinch to put up in the spring and take down in late fall. Russell Seeley, City Engineer says that price doesn’t get much snow, so the snow load on the custom shade structure is not an issue. However, in winter months they do get a lot of wind. So the fabric shade is stored during the winter months. As part of the bid package, the city did purchase a 2nd fabric shade for future use.
Customers that remove their fabric shade during the off-season have been using the same fabric shade for 10 plus years without having to replace it. It’s tough stuff! a lot of folks think that the Utah and Idaho climate is too harsh for fabric shades, but I always tell them, “Think about Florida they get hurricane winds! and they use fabric shades on all their playgrounds.”

Contractor Required to Have Bonding, Permits, Inspections

The Price River Trail parking lot improvements were a public works project requiring the awarded contractor to be bonded. City building permits and inspections were also required. Because LuckyDog Recreation is a full-service company, projects of this size and scope are done turn-key allowing the owners flexibility and added assurance that the project will be done right from concept to completion.

pour-in-place surfacing Price River UtahSpecial Construction Considerations

Because the construction of the project is near the river, special consideration was made for a high water table. The equipment was mounted on a concrete pad on which the pour-in-place surfacing was laid. The footers for the shade structure are spread footers allowing more ground surface to bear on.

Pour-In-Place Surfacing

The pour-in-place surfacing is a 50/50 mix of tan (all new material) and black (recycled material). Mixing the black recycled material with any color makes it more cost effective. Much like carpet for your home, adding a sprinkle of dark color can hide a lot of spills.

Placing fall resilient surfacing under exercise equipment is not a requirement, however, the City of Price wanted the added user-comfort and the attractive look that the seamless, slip resistant surface brings to the aesthetics of the site.

Strong Fabric Shade Structure

Shade Structure Price River Utah - LuckyDog Recreation

Shade Stucture Park and Playground Price River, Utah

Outdoor Exercise Equipment Utah

Outdooor Excercise Equipment Price River Utah

Call me for your outdoor exercise equipment or shade structures. Because LuckyDog is a full-service company, we make sure you get exactly what you want.

In pursuit of play,

Nicole Stoddard – LuckyDog Recreation

Utah Park Shelters - LuckyDog Recreation
Pour-In-Place Surfacing Utah

E Excercraft by Playcraft Installed by LuckyDog Recreation

Boy Scout Eagle Scout Project

Idaho Park Benches Eagle Scout Project -Dallin Sirrine

What makes a great Eagle Scout project? A great attitude, great smile and determination to get the job done right.

Dallin Sirrine has all these qualities and as the old adage goes; a picture says a thousand words.

The LuckyDog Recreation crew congratulates Dallin on a job well done and on obtaining the highest award in Boy Scouts, your Eagle.

Benches along the trail are part of the LuckyDog Line of park site furnishings made by BPR.

Idaho Eagle Scout Project - Dallin Sirrine

Dallin Sirrine Idaho Eagle Scout Project

Park Benches by BPR - and LuckyDog Recreation - Dallin Sirrine Eagle Scout Project

BPR by Bison Introduces Child Size Benches

LuckyDog Recreation presents the BPR by Biosn Child Benches Recently BRP by Bison announce “New Child Size Benches” to coordinate with their already fabulous collection of park benches. At LuckyDog we are excited to add these unique child benches to our commercial park furnishings.

Oh so cute! and oh so perfect for your park, zoo, community playground, trail side or anywhere kids need to put up their feet.
commercial park furnishing - little feet

Make Your Child Size Benches Unique To Your Project

Landscape architects and site owners, with BRP by Bison you can make your benches unique to every one of your projects with private labeling and lollipop colors: cherry, orange lemon, lime and grape. And of course each bench is protected with BRP’s standard multi-stage powder coat finishes, MasterCoat® and WeatherBeater.commercial kids park benches - colors

In our 25 years experience in park and playground sales and installation, we have not found better quality commercial site amenities.

BRP’s Private Collection™ benches make customized furnishing affordable along with superior structural integrity. Since 100% of manufacturing and finishing is done in-house, there is no minimum quantity or artwork up-charge. And your unique bench is delivered in plenty of time to meet your project deadline.

  • Imagine your park logo on benches made just for kids.
  • Imagine happy kids parking themselves on these bright lollipop colored benches.

In the pursuit of play!

Nicole Stoddard

P.S. Call us! We will help you get exactly what you have imagined and we can even install it for you.

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Fort Utah Ball Field Shade Construction Project, Provo Utah

For Utah ball field gets custom made shade structures by Custom Canopies. Construction by LuckyDog Recreation.

The finished project was a great addition to the Fort Utah Park. They look great!

When the digging is tough, the holes are 5’ deep, the footers required cages, the project is installed in an old riverbed, and the site requires inspectors, building permits, and bonding . . . you’ll need to hire a contractor that is able, hard-working and professional. So, who you gonna’ call? Why LuckyDog Recreation of course.

The video below will show you start to finish on how our construction crew successfully completed this project.

LuckyDog Recreation, at your service!


Shade and Shelters Fort Utah Provo - LuckyDog Recreation

Shade Construction Fort Utah Provo - LuckyDog Recreation Construction

Fort Utah Sails Shelter by LuckyDog Recreation

Fort Utah Shade Structure by LuckyDog Recreation

Fort Utah Park - Provo City

Azure Meadows Park Shelter in Taylorsville Utah

It’s always a good feeling when a project is complete. This past week marks the completion of the park shelter at Azure Meadows Park in Taylorsville, Utah.

The PlayCraft Systems™ playground and Coverworx park shelter was purchased by the Tailorsville community as a package deal. However, the playground was finished over a month ago, so it’s nice to put the finishing touch on the park shelter and have the port-a-potty on it’s way to the next job site, which also happens to be a park shelter job…that’s another story.

Utah Park Shelter by Coverworx installed by LuckyDog Recreation. A great addition to Azure Meadows Park in Utah.


This two-tier picnic shelter is All-Steel with Tongue and Groove Decking underneath, a lovely addition to an already good-looking shelter! And talk about a great addition to the neighborhood.

Tongue and celling for Utah Park Shelter at Azure Meadows Park by LuckyDog Recreation and Coverworx

I can’t say enough about the two-tiered look and how it makes the entire shelter look larger than it really it. It’s about 16′ X 24′ and the concrete pad extends about three feet in each direction. The pad also goes directly into the playground pit but doesn’t allow wood surfacing to migrate up onto the concrete pad.

There is still a bit of site-work to do; a sidewalk from the perimeter to the shelter and a bike path around the back of the whole park. But starting today. the community of Azure Meadows in Taylorsville, Utah can start using their park shelter as an accompanying amenity to the awesome Playcraft playground.

LuckyDog Recreation - Utah Playground Construction Crew for new Utah Plark Shelter.

Nicole Stoddard – Representing Coverworx Park Shelters Utah and Idaho

P.S. To see more pictures of the playground and the park shelter visit the Azure Meadows Park Renovation Facebook page.

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Coverworx Utah Shade Structure at Lindon Elementary

Lindon Elementary Shade Structure - Utah Playground Shade Structure

A Classic Coverworx Recreational Shade Structure

It’s my pleasure to share with you this Lindon, Utah custom park shelter, designed exclusively for Lindon Elementary School. This custom design features an architectural “Sunburst” design in the gable ends with Coverworx’s top of the industry prefabricated all steel cupola option. Coverworx’s engineered the design to handle the any heavy snow load that Utah winter weather can produce: pre-cut standing seam metal roofing with a polyester powder coated tubular steel frame

Park Pavillion Shade Structure by LuckyDog Recreation

A Coverworx Perfect Project

What a perfect setting for this beautiful park shelter. If you live on the Utah Wasatch Front you know the mountain behind this custom park shade structure is Mt. Timpanogos.  I grew up here, under the memorizing beauty of Mount Timpanogos.

This design, setting and construction was so perfect that Coverworx has used it for the cover of their catalog.

Like this Park Shade Structure? Call 1-800-388-2196

Nicole Stoddard – Sales Rep for Coverworx

Sales: LuckyDog Recreation
Owner: Alpine School District – Lindon Elementary School
Contractor: Hogan & Associates Construction



Eaglewood Lofts Boasts Customized Park Furnishings

Early on, Ben Lowe of Compass Development Group wanted the outdoor site furnishings at Eaglewood Lofts, North Salt Lake City, Utah to set the property apart from other apartment communities in the area. They contacted LuckyDog Recreation through the general contractor, Michael Lieber of Rimrock Construction to explore ways to they could make a signature statement with their park furnishings.

With outstanding products from BRP by Bison and exceptional service from LuckyDog Recreation, Compass Development was able to get the Eaglewood Lofts logo and lettering perfectly inlaid in the BRP Private Collection benches and litter receptacles.

LuckyDog Recreatopm installs BPR custom bench for Utah Eaglewood EstatesLuckyDog Recreatopm installs BPR custom bench for Utah Eaglewood Estates


Lynette Turner, Distribution Specialist for LuckyDog Recreation, and Nik Ditzler, Director of Bison’s Specified Products Group, did the behind the scenes’ work to ensure the products were delivered with no extra turn-around time. They also planned for the site furnishings to arrive at the same time as the playground equipment, also provided and installed by LuckyDog Recreation, preventing any delay in the construction schedule.

CJ Stoddard, Construction Manager for LuckyDog Recreation, said it takes four men to place a BRP Bench, because they are so heavy-duty. “I’m proud to provide and install the BRP by Bison product,” said Stoddard.

LuckyDog Recreatopm installs BPR custom bench for Utah Eaglewood Estates

BRP offers state of the art fabrication equipment and in-house manufacturing to ensure every product is precise. All Private Collection park furnishings are finished with an EcoSoft thermoplastic powder coat finish that is comfortable yet durable. With BRP’s Private Collection, Eaglewood Lofts can boast that the aesthetics of  personalized park furnishings complement their surroundings and set their property apart.

LuckyDog Recreatopm installs BPR custom bench for Utah Eaglewood Estates

LuckyDog Recreatopm installs BPR custom bench for Utah Eaglewood Estates

Color: Pewter

General Contractor: RimRock Construction, Michael Lieber – (801) 676-7625

Owner: Compass Development Group, Ben Lowe – (801) 582-3188

Give your park furnishings a one-of-a kind look with your logo & our exclusive line,
The Private Collection from BRP by Bison

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