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5 Reasons To Top-Off Your Engineered Wood Fiber Surfacing Now

When your playground’s wood fiber surface falls below the original installation depth, it is time to top-off.

You can check your Sof’Fall® levels by verifying that the top-off warning labels on your vertical posts are concealed with adequate EWF (Engineered Wood Fiber).

If you can see the warning labels, it is time to top-off to keep your playground in compliance with safety standards. Even more important, for the safety of your children.


5 Reasons To Top-Off Today

  1. Safety  Sof’Fall Engineered Wood Fiber® surfacing needs to be maintained at the installed depth for the safety of children.
  2. Faster Delivery  During busy summer months there is a lot of demand for wood surfacing. Avoid waiting in line by ordering now.
  3. Peace of Mind  Topping off your wood fiber surfacing before it becomes a safety hazard lets you sleep well at night knowing you are providing the best standard of care on all your playgrounds.
  4.  For the Play of It  Your playgrounds will be ready for winter, spring, summer and fall safe play.
  5.  Save Money  LuckyDog will hold 2017 pricing for all orders placed before March – so get your playgrounds topped off before prices increase.

LuckyDog offers installation on everything we sell and EWF is no different. Your EWF is sourced in Wyoming and LuckyDog’s installation team is right here in Wyoming ready to serve you.

So call today!  800-388-2196

Nicole and the LuckyDog Team

P.S. To see all of our surfacing options download this pdf:  Surfacing Options.

For National Playground Safety Week We Are Partnering Up

The Utah Department of Health and LuckyDog Recreation
support National Playground Safety Week

 Monday the Utah Health Department will be kicking off
National Playground Safety Week and you are invited.

The Utah Department of Health, Salt Lake County Health Department, and LuckyDog Recreation will conduct a playground inspection to highlight common safety hazards and effective ways to prevent injuries on playgrounds. The event will coincide with National Playground Safety Week, held April 24-28, 2017.

Each year, nearly 1,700 Utah elementary school-aged children are injured on school playgrounds. That’s enough children to fill 68 average Utah elementary school classrooms.

Speakers will include:

  • Zach Torres-George, environmental health scientist, Salt Lake County Health Department
  • Christine Christensen, principal, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School
  • Hillary Campbell, student injury reporting technician, Utah Department of Health

Monday, April 24, 2017 9:15 a.m.

Woodrow Wilson Elementary School
2567 Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

NOTE: Parking available in the lot adjacent to the school

Playground Injuries Have Decreased

Busy Bee's Playground in Roy Utah - By PlayCraft Playgrounds and LuckyDog Recreation pre-school playground for Busy Bee's Playhouse in Roy, Utah

  • According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission playground injuries have significantly decreased year after year since 2001. This occurrence is due to increased awareness, higher safety standards and big changes in the playground industry such as:
  • Manufactures – Playground manufactures are building safer playgrounds by making sure all hardware is covered and platforms are protected with small gauged guardrails.
  • Playground Surfacing – Every year we see new and improved playground surfacing. When surfacing products are installed and maintained according to code they are more effective in preventing injuries.
  • CPSI – All public playgrounds are required to be inspected by Certified Playground Safety Inspectors who understand playground safety issues including hazard identification, equipment specifications, surfacing requirements and risk management methods.
  • Playground Designs – Today’s public playgrounds are built within safety zones and the play equipment is situated to prevent over crowding. For example, swing sets are placed away from other play equipment.

Too Many Utah Children Injured – Still More to Do

All though injuries are down, too many Utah children are still injured on playgrounds.

For 2008, the Department of Health reports:

  • 70% of student injuries occur on the playground or play-field.
  • Two-thirds (65.2%) of these injuries happen during recess.
  • The activities during which injuries occur the most are playing on bars (20.7%), running (18%), and walking (11%).
  • The most common injuries received are possible fracture/broken, cut/laceration, bump/bruise/contusion, sprain/strain/tear, and possible concussion.

Health Department Fact Sheet – PDF

Health Department Student Injuries – PDF

How To Improve Playground Safety

With manufacturers building safer playgrounds every year, what else can be done to prevent playground injuries?

Choose your playgrounds wisely.

  • Make sure your school has a well maintained playground with the proper safety surfacing. Be sure that the school has supervised play rules in place.
  • Choose parks and playgrounds that are appropriate to your child’s age, are well maintained and the safety surfacing is in good condition.
  • Check for hazards or broken equipment.
  • Continuously supervise your children while they are at play.

Teach our children playground safety – Parents and teachers alike can teach children to play safe.

  • Teach children to use playground and sports equipment properly. Check to see that sports equipment is age appropriate and fits properly.
  • Remind children to be aware and kind. Pushing and shoving can lead to injuries.

Slyde the Playground Hound

Utah Playground Safety Week - Teach playground safety with Slyde The Playground Hound. Slyde the Playground Hound is always ready and willing to teach playground safety. Here are 10 Fun and Easy Ways that Slyde can help you teach playground safety during “Playground Safety Week.”

Also Slyde would like you to have your free copy of the “Public Playground Safety Handbook”.

So join us for “Playground Safety Week.”

In Pursuit of (Safe) Play,

Rhetta McIff – LuckyDog Recreation – Utah Playgrounds, Creative Designer

Slyde the Playground Hound at Canyon View Grand Opening

Kids absolutely love Slyde the Playground Hound

Slyde the Playground Hound brings his “Play Smart, Play Safe! message to Utah Kids. Slyde was invited to the Grand Opening of the Canyon View Park in Nephi, Utah.

Children become aware of playground safety in a way that is fun, entertaining and easy to remember. As you can tell, kids adore Slyde! He is the perfect playground safety spokesdog.

Slyde would love to deliver his playground safety message to the kids in your community!  We offer the Slyde costume and prizes as part of every playground package we sell.

Make your playground grand opening fun and safe! Just tell us you want Slyde to appear and we will make arrangements for the Slyde costume, games, coloring books and stickers to be at your park or playground.

Be Safe! and Have Fun!

Nicole Stoddard, Playground Equipment for Utah and Idaho

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Slyde The Playground Hound Goes To Nephi, Utah Playground Celebration

Slyde The Playground Hound will bring his “Play Smart – Play Safe” message to the Nephi, Utah Canyon View Ball Park Celebration.

 Slyd the Playground Hound teaches playgroundafey at Nephi Utah Park.The purpose of Slyde’s “Play Smart – Play Safe” visit is to teach children their role in playing safe and avoiding hazards on and around playground equipment.

 “Slyde the Playground Hound is an animated character that children identify with and listen to. He presents a message of safe play that is entertaining and fun.

“We are bringing Slyde to the celebration to teach children that most playground injuries are unintentional, yet preventable by taking common sense steps for safe play,” said Nicole Stoddard of LuckyDog Recreation. LuckyDog is the supplier and playground contractor for the playground equipment at the park.

The newly renovated park boasts two exciting merry-go-rounds, two swing sets and a giant Dynamo Net Climber that reaches 18’ into the air. Each spinning merry-go-round is unique in its own right. The Dynamo Apollo® Climbing Spinner is a rope-based toy that can accommodate 35 laughing kids at one time. The solid base floor is perfect for those with disabilities. The Playcraft® GYRO-POD spinner is as wild and fun as it looks. This spinner provides dynamic spinning action for six to twelve children at a time.

 “Swing sets are still a playground favorite. Swings are great fun, and help children develop physically and socially. From an early age children enjoy the movement and the delight of swinging to their heart’s content,” said Stoddard.

“Working with Philip Baker, Nephi City Parks Superintendent is inspiring. Mr. Baker has a remarkable passion for creating play space and recreational activities for his community. It shows in his choice of playground equipment…something for everyone. Thanks to Philip, Slyde will be at Canyon View to meet the children and teach playground safety,” added Stoddard.

Mark your calendars for family fun! Come and meet Slyde on Monday June 15, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. The Canyon View Ball Park is located at 100 N. 600 E. in Nephi, Utah.

The celebration will start with new ball field lighting donor appreciation and new playground and pavilion ribbon cutting. Activities include games, free hot dogs, root beer and chips. At dusk there will be a free movie in the park: “Million Dollar Arm.”

luckydog recreation and slyde the playground houndWe would love to bring Slyde to celebrate the opening of your new LuckyDog Recreation playground.

Or you can invite Slyde to teach playground safety at your school or playground by visiting Slyde at

Play Safe!

Nicole Stoddard, LuckyDog Recreation Sales and Service

P.S. Here are a few pictures of the playground at Canyon View Ball Park in Nephi, Utah.

Swing Sets are still a playground favorite.

Utah Playground Construction - Nephi Canyon View Ball Park

This playground boasts 2 very different spinners:

The Dynamo Apollo® Climbing Spinner is a rope-based toy that can accommodate
35 laughing kids at one time.


The Playcraft GYRO-POD Spinner™ is tons of fun packed into a small space.




Specifying Rope-Based Play

Dynamo Rope Based Play in Utah and IdahoA reputable playground designer or architect can assist in selecting a brand of rope-based playground equipment. However, not all rope-based equipment is created equal. Here is a short list of things you will want to require and some things you may want to avoid:

  • Rope fibers can be made of vinyl (polypropylene), which is much less desirable for its strength and durability than nylon (polymide) or polyester.
  • UV protection or color fastness – look for a rating of 7/8 or 8/8. Red does tend to fade a little more than other colors, but if you select a 7 or 8 rating, you’ll notice the fading is considerably less.
  • Underneath the rope fibers are steel strands that give the rope its strength. Look for the most steel strands you can find: 144 to 168 galvanized steel strands is preferred. Steer away from any products providing less than 100 strands of steel.
  • Connectors, like kids, come in all shapes and sizes and content. Look for compressed connectors that are factory installed.  Avoid plastic connectors or hook-type connectors (think s-hooks on a swing), which can work loose and cause abrasion against the rope fibers making them fray.
  • Breaking strength – Ask your net distributor the tested breaking strength of the equipment: the connectors should be able to hold in excess of 2000 lbs. and the cable with steel content should have a breaking strength greater than 12,000 lbs.
  • IPEMA Certified – When in doubt, select net products that have the IPEMA Certified Seal of approval on them. IPEMA certification gives inexperienced playground purchasers or first time net purchasers the assurance  that the equipment they are buying is going to meet or exceed industry accepted standards for quality construction and safety.

We represent Dynamo Playgrounds because their unique rope-based-play spinners and playgrounds are not only unique, they are built with both fun and safety in mind.

Nicole Stoddard – Rep for Dynamo Playgrounds

Rope Climber by Dynamo Playgrounds brought to yuo by LuckyDog Recreation

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