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Ten Great Reasons for Building a Climbing Wall at Your Facility

Climbing is not a trendy add-on, but rather a relevant and beneficial activity that encourages the physical, mental, social and emotional growth of each participant. Listed below you will find ten great reasons to consider as you ponder the development of a climbing wall program at your facility.

1. Climbing is a lifelong activity that is attractive to a wide range of people and can be offered in a variety of settings:

  • Camps
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Park and Recreation Centers
  • Fitness Centers
  • Child Care Facilities
  • Family Fun Centers
  • Children’s Museums
  • Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers
  • Occupational Therapy Facilities

2. Climbing offers versatility. Walls come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and surfaces to meet an assortment of programming wishes and requirements.

3. The activity of climbing satisfies the interests and needs of today’s contemporary society and could revitalize your programming.

River Rock - By Everlast

4. Climbing contributes to overall physical fitness through:

    • Aerobic and anaerobic activity 
    • Increased cardiovascular fitness
    • Enhanced balance, coordination and flexibility
    • Increased muscle strength and endurance
    • Improved motor planning
  • Enhanced body awareness

5. Climbing wall activities provide opportunities for social-emotional skill building:

    • Increased self-knowledge, self-confidence and self-reliance
    • Enhanced patience, perseverance, courage, trust, willpower and self-control
    • Meeting challenges
    • Positive risk taking
    • Stress management
    • Awareness of others
  • Leadership

6. Climbing wall activities enhance cognitive skills:

    • Problem-solving, including the identification of multiple solutions for challenges 
    • Decision and judgment making
    • Increased focus and concentration
    • Visualization and mental imaging
    • Following directions and safety rules
  • Goal setting

7. Climbing walls provide opportunities for cross-curricular programming in content areas such as:

    • Communication (listening, speaking and writing) through team challenges and individual writing
    • Mathematics (unique climbing activities require participants to solve math problems)
  • All subject areas (endless possibilities through collaboration with colleagues in other
    subject areas)

8. Climbing wall activities provide a setting for real-life experiences in meeting challenges, traveling beyond one’s “comfort zone” and developing character.

9. Climbing wall activities emphasize cooperation versus competition and encourage the development of a climate where “everybody wins” and success for all is the common by-product.

10. Climbing wall activities are fun, exciting, challenging and engaging!

Contributed by Eric Stevens, Everlast Climbing™ 

Everlast - A Playcore Company PM

You can download the most recent climbing catalog right here:  Everlast Climbing™ Catalog 

The LuckyDog Team is pleased Everlast Climbing™   is one of the Playcore companies we represent.

Call us today and create the perfect indoor playground for your own team.

Nicole Stoddard – LuckyDog Recreation Sales and Marketing – 800-388-2196

Rhetta McIff, Utah’s Creative Play Designer  – 385-222-1030

This Utah Residential Playground Is True To The Environment

Designing this Utah residential playground was a lot of fun because these homeowners knew exactly what they wanted; a unique playground for a family that loves to play.

Set back against the picturesque playground of the Wasatch Mountains this aesthetically-pleasing play equipment LuckyDog install fits perfectly in the family backyard environment. The impressive Berliner Globe and a 75′ zip line called the Berliner Speedway put this playground over the top!

utah residential playground

The Globe is an architecturally-stunning net climber surrounded by thick wood beams that will handle the heat and snow, becoming more beautiful as they age. Huge shade sails provide a respite from the hot summer sun and give perfect areas to dine or sit and watch kids play.

Berliner Globe at Utah Residential Playground

The curved posts of the Speedway and their bold red color make them visible but not obvious as the shape blends perfectly into the environment. It’s art and play perfectly fused.

Berliner Speedway at Utah residential playground

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s an outdoor space that is inviting and fun?

Berliner Play Equipment makes a statement where ever they are built and with the backdrop of gorgeous scenery and mountains they truly shine.

In Pursuit of Play,

Rhetta McIff, Utah Creative Play Designer

P.S. Need a residential playground and want one that is uniquely fun and beautiful? Call us.


Salt Lake City Elementary School Creates New Playground

J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School – A Salt Lake City Elementary School

You know you have a special principal and an amazing school when they come together to build a whole new play space from the ground up.

Principal Betsy Hunt is so passionate about her students and their well being that she worked with the school to fund their whole entire new playground with grant money…which takes a real dedication of time, attention and effort, let alone the additional paperwork.

Because Principal Hunt knows how much students benefit from outdoor play she was enthusiastic about making sure each piece of playground equipment was evaluated and discussed to make sure it would increase body movements and offered active play. She knows that back in the classroom both the students and teachers reap the benefits of improved focus and increased testing scores from active play.

Cosgriff Old Playground Equipment


J.E. Cosgriff Elementary School took an old and well-used playground and completely revitalized it by doubling the play equipment, adding exercise equipment, and covering the whole area with new Pour-In-Place surfacing.

There is Nothing Passive on this New Play Structure!

The new playground is a unique design encouraging students to be extremely active. Every deck is accessible from all sides by using upper or lower body strength and movements to work their way across the structure. Steppers of all heights connect students to additional climbers and activities providing them with an amazing way to go completely around the structures while never touching the ground!

Vibrant and Exciting

The playground was designed around the bright primary colors of old the original piece of equipment offering a cohesiveness between old and new. It’s a vibrant and exciting playground!

Beautiful Playground Surfacing

Pour-In-Place surfacing gives this play area supreme cushioning and keeps the surface color light to decrease heat. Blending beige and black made it an affordable option, LuckyDog worked with the FlexGround installation professionals producing a look that is silky smooth!

Building Cosgriff Playground





Perfect Planning

From initial planning to completion was a full year but the time was well spent in planning so no decision was rushed.


Congratulations to everyone at J.E. Cosgriff Memorial School. I admire your insight and dedication.

Thank you for letting LuckyDog be a part of your playground transformation.

In Pursuit of Play

Rhetta McIff, Utah Creative Play Designer

P.S. Dreaming about your own color combinations? Download: Playcraft Color Pallet 2018

P.S. Interested in seeing this fabulous elementary school playground and the Poured-in-Place surfacing?
Go to:
J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School
2335 Redondo Ave. Salt Lake City, UT 84108

In Berlin To Play On Berliner Unique Play Equipment

We all know the saying “All work and no play makes . . .”! So when part of the LuckyDog Team was invited to Berlin Germany to experience Berliner play equipment firsthand, we “jumped” at the chance.

Of course, we attended a few days of meetings and ate some of the most amazing food. All who have traveled to Europe know what we’re talking about.

Actually playing in the world of Berliner Playground Equipment was the really fun part!

And Play we did! from testing some of the most unique playground equipment to climbing net towers to returning to earth via the most fabulous slides ever!

In this short video, the LuckyDog Recreation Team shares the fun we had in Berlin at the Berliner Play Equipment factory and at their exciting playground installations in the city.

As you can see in the video, the play toys are sized to accommodate adult bodies and create enough fun to interest kids for hours on end. It is the most amazing product line.

A big thanks to our hosts at the Berliner Seilfabrik factory and at our meetings. We appreciate your care and attention to detail. The German Berliner crew are superb hosts and we all can’t wait for a return visit.

Now back in the USA we are excited to share with you, all the playground fun and unique play equipment by Berliner.

So no, you don’t have to go to Germany for an amazingly fun playground experience. We can help you bring one of these unique playgrounds right to your community neighborhood.

Playfully, The LuckyDog Team

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Magical, Twisted, Crazy! Triitopia by Berliner Play Equipment

Welcome to the realm of imagination! Triitopia, the new product type of the successful Berliner Greenville series.

Magical, twisted, crazy! Triitopia combines award-winning design with tried and tested materials in a spectacular way! A magical world of climbing and adventure where reality and fiction combine, emerges an interplay of transparent and closed façade elements.

Berliner Triitopia Playground Equipment - LuckyDog Recreation Idaho, Utah, Wyoming

Diverse net pieces invite you to climb and lead to numerous corners, angles and up to viewing areas and slides on different levels. Whether a magic school, bandit’s tower or knight’s castle – anything is possible.

Berliner Triitopia Playground Equipment Video - LuckyDog Recreation, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah


The chaos has a system! The tower is shown above and in the video was displayed at a tradeshow. It had a total height of approximately 36′, but you can scale down Triitopia to make it fit any budget.

LuckyDog Recreation - Inside the Berliner Triitopia Playground

Behind the seemingly random construction method lies a highly modular system that allows every Triitopia structure to be custom designed in shape and size to a maximal extent. To do so, you can choose from a wide range of different net elements, panel types and slides and let your custom adventure world become a reality with us.

It goes without saying that Triitopia can be combined with nearly all other Berliner play equipment.

Berliner Triitopia.02 - LuckyDog Recreation - Playground Equipment Utah, Idaho, Wyoming

Explore Triitopia.02. At a height of more than 32′, and a huge three-dimensional net inside, this climbing and playing tower offers unlimited possibilities for fun and adventure across a total of seven levels.

Triitopia.01 by Berliner Play Equipment - LuckyDog Recreation, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho

Kids will even fully enjoy the slightly smaller adventure world of Triitopia.01. Children that ascend through the spatial net to the very top can swiftly descend the tunnel-slide all the way to the ground. Alternatively, the new net tunnel on the façade can be used as an accending or descending option.

We recently had the pleasure to visit the Berliner Factory in Germany. What a treat and true to our namesake, we were “lucky dogs.” We got to climb, swing, spin and thoroughly explore the new Triiopia — ridiculously fun!!! Yes…ridiculously fun is a good way to describe just how fabulous this new Greenville line is.

We hope this article by Berliner Play Equipment company has aroused your interest in the Triitopia. An overview of all the details can be found in the new Triitopia brochure. You can download it here: Berliner Play Equipment – Triitopia Brochure

Call us, we would love to help you put together your very own Triitopia.

In Pursuit of Ridiculously Fun Play,

Nicole, CJ, Rhetta and the LuckyDog Team

Nicole Stoddard – (800) 388-2196
Rhetta McIff – (385) 222-1030

Kid Revolution – No More Speed Limits on Merry-Go-Rounds

If you desire a playground that fulfills the need for speed, you are in luck. By simply increasing the use zone on your merry-go-rounds and spinners, speed governors on these play toys are a thing of the past.

First, know that any spinner with a minimum dimension of less than or equal to 20” measured from the axis of the rotation to the outmost perimeter is exempt from speed limitation requirements*. This includes all Playcraft Systems Stand-N-Spins, Spinner Seats and Bucket Spinners.

Playcraft Mini Merry-Go-Round

Download Your Mini-Go-Round Info By Clicking The Picture Above

Anything larger, such as the Spin Max™ Pod, Spin Max Go-Round, Spin Max™ Tower, Neutron Spinner, and of course our Mini and full-size Merry-Go-Round, where the maximum dimensions is greater than 20” measured from the axis of rotation to the outermost perimeter, must have a speed limiting device installed by the manufacturer.

Until now . . . .

Simply install your spinner with 108” use zone and now EVERY SPINNER is exempt from speed limitation requirements.

Playcraft rotating playground equipment placement


*See ASTM 1487-17 Section 8.8.3 Speed Limitations

Join In The Fun! Grand Opening of Pirate Island Playground

City of Rigby and LuckyDog Recreation announce grand opening and ribbon cutting for Pirate Island Playground

By Sarah Knight
June 6, 2018

Rigby, ID – The City of Rigby and LuckyDog Recreation will be holding the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for Pirate Island Playground on June 9, 2018, at Scotty’s South Park in Rigby. A professional photoshoot will be held from 10 to 11 am, with the ribbon cutting at noon.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their family and a picnic. Families will be invited to meet Slyde the Playground Hound® and enjoy free games and activities.

About Pirate Island Playground

This playground represents the union of Playcraft® and Berliner®, two well-known playground manufacturers, each with unique takes on their equipment design.

The playground, as the name suggests, has a pirate ship, complete with a cannon, wheelhouse, balcony deck and telescope, pirate sail, a maze, an alligator balance beam, rock steps, a cargo net, and much more. In addition to the pirate ship, there is a thirteen-foot double slide, with a drum, horn, chime, and bell panel. Between the large structures, there are two 20ft tall climbing nets, connected together with a net bridge.

As if it couldn’t get any more exciting, there is a multi-spring speedboat for toddlers and a 100ft long zip line for everyone (yes, grownups are welcome!) —and the most incredible feature of it all, is that children can go from one end of the playground to the other without ever touching the ground!

About LuckyDog Recreation

LuckyDog Recreation is Idaho’s local playground equipment supplier and installer with 30 years of experience. They walk clients through the selection, design, purchase, delivery and installation of their playground, and offer post-construction inspections. LuckyDog offers a variety of brands, including Playcraft Systems, Dog-ON-It Parks, Coverworx, Custom Canopies, Aveer Tile Systems, Playsafer, FlexGround, ForeverLawn, Sof’Fall, BRP, ID Sculpture, Goalsetter, Bison, Freenotes Harmony Park, Berliner and Everlast Climbing.

Arrrh Maties – Join us for the fun this Saturday!

Nicole Stoddard – LuckyDog Recreation

P.S. Pirate Island Playground is one of my favorites, the City of Rigby chose some fabulous playground equipment…like the pirate ship in the picture below. Plus the Scotty’s South Park playground is the perfect marriage of Playcraft playground equipment and Berliner play equipment.

Scotty's South Park, Rigby Idaho - Pirate Island Playground

The LuckyDog crew installing Berliner Play Equipment at Pirate Island Playground

“The process [of working with LuckyDog] was a pleasure from the very beginning, from the planning stage to completion; this company was fabulous to work with! They worked in the worst weather and were always cheerful…what a great bunch of guys!

“Nicole, Lynette, Jordyn, CJ, and the rest of the crew feel like family! Not a day went by that we were not in contact. What a wonderful experience!

“The equipment is a well-thought-out portion of our park, and it all fits together perfectly. It catches the eye from the highway and the kids are all smiles! [The playground] has been busy every day since it’s completion!

“I have already recommended LuckyDog to other cities, counties, and schools. They are even my favorites on Facebook! We are hoping to use them again soon in our other park. Thank you!”
Rigby City Clerk – Rigby South Park Playground, Rigby, Idaho

Scotty's South Park, Rigby Idaho - Pirate Island Playground

Playcraft System at Pirate Island Playground


Make the most of your playground real-estate with our

LuckyDog Recreation presents THE Berliner® SPACEBALL!

You can learn more about the Berliner® Spaceball with this short video…

Presenting Berliner Spaceball – Perfect School Playground Equipment

Architects: download the specifications/CADS here:  Berliner® Spaceball

Berliner Ready to Ship Playgrounds - LuckyDog Recreation

Ready to add new Berliner Play Equipment? – Call LuckyDog Recreation.

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From The Dock at Playcraft Systems To Completion in Two Weeks

LuckyDog Recreation takes pride in creating amazing relationships with our customers which come in handy when we get remarkable deals from the companies we represent.

Recently PlayCraft Sytems® had a playground on their dock, ready to be shipped, and the original sale fell through. In a short time frame, we were able to send emails to customers who we knew were interested in larger structures.

Destination Homes Kaysville, UT - Playcraft Playground

Fortunately, this playground was an excellent match for Destination Homes in Kaysville!

It fit perfectly into the Hill Farms neighborhood and was delivered and installed in less than 2 weeks. It also came in significantly under cost due to it being ready to ship from the manufacturer.

playcraft systems playground in kaysville, ut

Don’t you love it when everything comes together perfectly!

In Pursuit of Play,

Rhetta McIff, Utah’s Creative Play Designer  – 385-222-1030

2017 National Recreation and Park Association Trade Show

The LuckyDog Team had a blast at the annual NRPA, National Recreation and Park Association, Trade Show and Congress in New Orleans, Louisiana. Each year the trade show floor is filled with exciting new and innovative products. LuckyDog’s Utah’s Creative Play Designer, Rhetta McIff met up with some of our favorite people that manufacturer some of our favorite brands. Tune into what’s to come in the future of play with this fun video!

LuckyDog Recreation is proud to be in partnership with the people at Playcraft Systems, Berliner Play Equipment, FlexGround Surfacing, Free Notes Harmony Park and Dog-ON-It Parks:

Justin Dietz from Playcraft Systems introduced the new Contour™ Play System. This system bridges the traditional deck and post play structure with active play events. The Contour™ is focused on flow, the direction of play, and multiple choices for children.

Charlie Robertson from FlexGround Safety Surfaces introduced new products we are excited about. The rubber surfacing solution for walking tracks much needed. We can’t wait to share its benefits with you. FlexGround stays ahead of the curve when it comes to innovations to fill a need.

Luke Vardanian with Berliner Play Equipment demonstrated how to play the Hula Loop while sharing with us his favorite parts of being one of the Landscape Architects for Berliner USA. We agree with Luke when he says “The best part of working with Berliner is pushing the boundaries of creativity”.

As you know LuckyDog has a special place in our hearts for dogs and Gary Max of Dog-On-It Parks introduced the new Eco-Dog Line of 100% recycled products. The Eco-Dog Line is their portable system. Now you can plan events for your dog-loving patrons with this set-up and take-in down in minutes system.

Thank you to all the LuckyDog brands. Thank you, Rhetta, for sharing your enthusiasm and playful spirit.

Thank you to all our customers. We appreciate your business. We look forward to playing with you again next year.

In Pursuit of Play,

Nicole Stoddard, LuckyDog Recreation Sales and Marketing

P.S. Call the LuckyDog team to learn more about anything you see in this video and much, much more. 800-388-2196

I would love to send you the new catalogs featuring the products we saw at the 2107 National Recreation and Park Association Show.

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