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IDAHOME – A Tour of New Playground Equipment In Idaho

LuckyDog has recently wrapped up a flurry of Idaho playground equipment installations featuring Playcraft™ Playground Systems. Let’s take a tour of five Playraft Systems playgrounds all supplied and installed by the LuckyDog team.

Alderbrook Park – Star, Idaho

In Star, across the Boise River from Meridian, we had the pleasure of providing the perfect playground at Alderbrook, a new Hubble Homes community. Alderbrook Park is located at 22361 North Can-Ada Road, Star, Idaho. 

The brand-new Alderbrook community is the perfect setting for this nearly maintenance-free Playcraft Revolution™ that can handle over 50 children at one time.

Idaho Playground Equipment Installation - Alderbrook Apartments Star Idaho


Every child, including our Idaho playground equipment installation team, enjoys taking a whirl on the Mini Neutron Spinner™ and Gyro-Pod Spinner™. Combine the spinners with the Tri-Ring Link climber, two Arch Slides, and lots of hand-over-hand traverse equipment – this playground will be a community favorite for years to come.



“We love the new tot lot in Alderbrook! You and your company have been wonderful to work with!” Penny Smith – Hubble Homes, LLC Assistant to Director of Land Development

East Valley Playground – Boise, Idaho

At the other end of the Treasure Valley another new subdivision, nearby the Boise River Greenbelt on Warm Springs Ave, is East Valley in Boise.  We had the pleasure of working with Conger Management Group in supplying and installing a new action packed Playcraft Systems structure at 6885 Highland Valley Road, Boise, Idaho.

The East Valley Playground has a small foot print but packs a ton of exercise masquerading as playtime fun. This play structure boasts THREE slides and one fire pole accessible by a vertical ladder and one Bedrock Climber.

Idaho Playground Equipment Installation - East Valley Playground Boise Idaho

The Playcraft Bedrock Climber™ looks like real rock made from durable and colorful roto-molded plastic. This climber will stay cool to the touch even on the hottest summer day.

The East Valley Playground sits at the base of the Lucky Peak foothills and the Playcraft “Earth” color scheme fuses effortlessly – what a stunning backdrop for this top quality play structure.

Lincoln Early Childhood Center – Pocatello, Idaho

Our Idaho tour continues in an eastern direction to the Lincoln Early Childhood Center at 330 Oakwood Drive nestled beside the Foothills of Pocatello.  A call from Rick Betzer, Support Services Manager at Lincoln Early Childhood Center, requested supply and installation of a bright colored Playcraft Systems Revolution™ structure, perfect for young children.

Idaho Playground Equipment Installation - Lincoln Early Childhood Center, Pocatello Idaho

Rick Betzer is a certified playground safety inspector (CPSI) and really has a knack for making sure all 100+ children attending Lincoln Early Childhood Center have an exceptional outdoor play experience.

Play Panel Perfection! This structure holds a Tic-Tac-Toe Panel through the View Port Crawl Tube to the Driver Panel on the opposite end.  The pre-schoolers love the bright green talk tubes and three sky blue slides on their newest play structure.

Idaho Playground Equipment Installation - Playcraft Playground Systems Revolution

The Falls Apartments – Idaho Falls, Idaho

Next stop is also in Southeast Idaho – The Falls Apartments, at 1415 Whitewater Drive, inside the Snake River Landing area of Idaho Falls. Kartchner Homes pulled out all the stops for the newest community offering, and LuckyDog was delighted to be the chosen provider of the community playground.

The Falls Apartments now has a Playcraft Revolution™ structure in the popular “Frozen” color schematic. The two complementary shades of blue are comparable to the nearby Snake River winter scene at the new community entrance.

Idaho playground equipment installation by LuckyDog Recreation of Ashton, Idaho

This play structure is centered round the Tri-Ring™ Hub with the three points leading to kid-favored equipment: Arch Slide, Rope Net & Cross Loop Climber, and the Gyro-Capsule Spinner™. Between the slide and spinner is the playground classic Arch Loop Traverse for hand-over-hand entry to dual Arched Lunar Climbers.

The playground is completed perfectly with four swings which encourage children of all ages to come and enjoy this beautiful playground.

LuckyDog is honored to be Kartchner Homes’ subcontractor on this and many other of their housing projects in Idaho.

Idaho playground equipment installation - The Falls Apartments in Falls, Idaho

Grove Park – Rexburg, Idaho

The LuckyDog Idahome playground tour concludes with a playground installation just down the road from our Ashton, Idaho headquarters. The Grove Park at Riverside Apartments, located at 311 North 1st East in Rexburg, now hosts a LuckyDog installed Playcraft Systems playground, barbeque, bench, and picnic tables.

Owned by Castle Creek Construction Management, the project was subcontracted to LuckyDog in July and put on the “fast track” for completion the end of August.  Zane Powell was the project manager and says the new park will be gifted to the City of Rexburg, which emphasizes the city’s mantra “America’s Family Community”.

Rexburg Mayor Jerry Merrill said this about the new playground, “We appreciate your professional installation and we are excited to introduce this new playground to the community.”

This new playground is near the popular city water park and soccer fields; it is sure to become a community favorite gathering place. Moms and dads will enjoy the total visibility of the multiple play zones from their perch on the bench or at the picnic tables.

Idaho Playground Equipment Installation - Grove Park Rexburg Idaho

The bright red uprights of the play structure are quite eye-catching and include a great mix of the most popular activities alongside the swing set.

The twister slide and spiral slide are the anchors of the structure, including two climbers, curved “monkey bars” and the giggle-inducing fire pole makes playtime never-ending. If this amount of dizzying fun isn’t enough, the kiddos can then hop onto either the Bucket Spinner or Spinner Seat.

CJ Stoddard and his LuckyDog installation team have been working hard all over Idaho and Utah building safe, top-quality playgrounds – what a fun industry we proudly represent.

Utah Playground Contruction Inspection Service by LuckyDog Recreation

Idaho Playground Equipment Installations

Planning a playground?  Call us today and we can assist with a perfect play structure for your budget from beginning designs to installation. All Idaho playground equipment installations include our Signature 1 Year Comeback Warranty.

Take your own Idahome tour of our recent playground installations. You will agree they are fabulously fun!

In Pursuit of Play,

Nicole Stoddard – Playcraft™ Systems Idaho Representative

Idaho Playground Construction – Begin With The End In Mind

Play enthusiasts watch out for the best thing happening in Boise, Idaho!

In October, JUMP, Jack’s Urban Meeting Place, will be presenting the “The Climber,” a massive 30 ft. high net climber. The Super 805 (“The Climber”) is a “frame” net climber manufactured by Dynamo Playgrounds. The LuckyDog team has completed this Boise, Idaho playground construction project and anxiously awaits the October opening.

The best thing about the Super 805 is not just that it is “super” as in 30 ft. tall and massively large, the really super thing is that you can play on it soon, very soon as the expected completion date of this amazing play net climber is October 2016.

Architects, Park and Playground Planners Be Aware

Planning a net climber of this scope and size doesn’t just happen overnight. Construction representatives from JUMP and the Simplot Foundation started the evaluation process meeting with LuckyDog Recreation to determine if the Super 805 was the toy they committed to and if LuckyDog Recreation was the company that could pull it off. A resounding “yes” was the answer to both questions, and as plans began to materialize, the international sales representative from Dynamo Industries flew out to meet in person to uncover, discover, and determine if and how the Super 805 could meet the exact needs of the JUMP representatives.

One obstacle we encountered from the start was the fact that the location set aside for the giant climber was on top of a parking garage. This required some creative engineering as most playground structures of this scope and size have “huge” in-ground footers, some 5’ deep and then almost 3’ in diameter. As the roof of the parking garage has a impervious rubber membrane that cannot be compromised, the architectural plans for the structure had to be re-worked to be “surface” mount rather that “in-ground” mount; thus the need to “begin with the end in mind.”

Landscape architect Kim Siegenthaler from Jensen Belts Associates was  instrumental in making contacts between suppliers and owners. She was responsible for the smooth outcome of engineering “The Climber” to meet the needs of the customer, while still adhering to strict building codes required by the state.

Boise Idaho Playground Construction - Net Climber by Dynamo Playgrounds and LuckyDog Recration

Idaho Playground Construction by LuckyDog Recreation - JUMP Net Climber in Boise Idaho

Boise Idaho Playground Construction - LuckyDog Recreation

Boise, Idaho Playground Construction

As for construction day, LuckyDog was prequalified to be the subcontractor of Hoffman Corporation, the GC for the entire JUMP property. LuckyDog, along with 4 or 5 of their best installers took only 2 weeks to complete the installation of the Super 805.

The pour-in-place safety surfacing by Flexground Nevada was done immediately after the net construction, and the equipment awaits opening day of play. Charlie Robertson of Flexground has a reputation for bringing out the best in a project and has many, many installations in the Treasure Valley, a testament to the quality work they do. Notice the multi-colored intricate design as per the architects drawing at the client’s exact requirements.

Dynamo Net Climber - Boise Idaho Playground Construcition

It is always a pleasure to be a part of a significant and unique project like JUMP. We are appreciative of the professionalism and dedication to the result that everyone, especially our very own construction manager, CJ Stoddard and his construction team exhibited to make this dream for Idaho children and their families a reality.

Impressive Playgrounds

Want to plan something equally as impressive for you next big park, playground, or construction project?

Contact LuckyDog for more information on the Super 805 and other amazing climbing structures at 1-800-888-2196.

Nicole Stoddard, Dynamo Playgrounds Net Climber Representative

P.S. Be notified of “The Climber” release to the public by signing up for the JUMP newsletter by visiting

LuckyDog Recreation


Did You Miss Last Year’s Drainage Lunch-n-Learn?

Get That Information Here
Be Smart about your Drainage, Go With The Flow

Proper Drainage Means Moving Water from the Playground

Playground Drainage

This is an example of poor playground drainage.

Playground drainage is a critical part of keeping playground equipment and surfacing in proper working order, safe and usable. When purchasing a new car, it looks and runs great for a while, but if the oil is never changed and if the windows are left open when it rains, the car may continue to look good on the outside, but the interior and what’s under the hood will be damaged causing the engine to fail and the car to wear prematurely.

This is similar to what happens to a playground when there is water in a pit with no accommodations made for getting it out. Water needs to be controlled by keeping it out of the pit altogether or planning a way to move the water out of the surfacing area when it does get in.

Standing water will cause the resilient surfacing and play equipment to age and deteriorate prematurely. The structural integrity of the concrete footings will be compromised, rust will begin to shorten the life of any metal in the surfacing, molds and mildews will grow, and the surfacing will not have the impact attenuation that it is designed to have. The life of the investment is shortened and the play area may become unusable.

There are four issues involved with playground drainage:

  1. Environmental factors
  2. Problems related to standing water in the play area
  3. Types of drainage for playgrounds
  4. Construction considerations

Environmental Factors Affecting Drainage

There are many environmental factors that affect drainage. Five of the most common encountered by playground builders are:

  1. Topography shows the graphic representation of the play area illustrating the elevations and their relationship to other features at the site, such as buildings, sidewalks, etc.

To continue reading click here

Idaho’s Winchester Lake State Park Gets New Playground Equipment

When Idaho State Parks contacted LuckyDog Recreation about getting new playground equipment at Winchester Lake State Park, they needed to meet a deadline. Idaho State Parks are celebrating their 50 year anniversary in June and Winchester wanted their new equipment installed in time for the celebration.

LuckyDog Construction Manager CJ Stoddard and crew members, Keith and Joseph completed the project in record time.

“It’s a pleasure to do a job in location such as this. It’s so beautiful here. Steve was great to work with and we got to go fishing at lunch. The new playground complements their park setting very well,” said Stoddard.

Winchester Lake State Parks New Playground

We hope you enjoy the pictures in this lovely setting. Don’t you love how the Playcraft™ playground equipment blends right into the trees?

Winchester Lake new playground


New playground in Winchester Idaho State Park
Celebrate 50 Years with Winchester Lake State Park
Friday, June 12, 2015 (All day) – Saturday, June 13, 2015 (All day)

According to the Winchester Lake Sate Park Facebook Page there will be plenty to do at their 50 year anniversary celebration:

“Idaho Parks and Recreation is turning 50 years old this year. Come join us Saturday, June 13th for a party at the park to celebrate. The Wolf Education and Research Center is also throwing their Summer Celebration that weekend.”

“Our new mascot, Scout, will make an appearance before Friday night’s evening program. Scout will say hello to everyone at about 7:15 p.m. There will be walks and programs throughout the day Saturday and a BBQ at the Ponderosa Point shelter for lunch. The activities and BBQ are free (no motor vehicle entrance fee for day users). The 13th is also Free Fishing Day so bring your pole and try your luck in between activities, no license needed.”

Have fun!

Nicole Stoddard – LuckyDog Recreation Sales and Service

P.S. A shout out to Steve Kuskie, Assistant Park Manager, and Adam Straubinger, Idaho Department of Parks & Recreation, for making it possible for LuckyDog to serve the children and families visiting Winchester State Park.



Playground Construction in Eagle, Idaho Starts in March

LuckyDog Recreation descends on Eagle, Idaho with new commercial playground equipment.

Fair spring weather gives everyone spring fever and at LuckyDog we love it when we can start playground construction in Idaho as early as March. We were able to install a complete fun and fabulous playground for Horseshoe Flats.

Horseshoe Flats LuckyDog Constrution
Horseshoe Flats

At Horseshoe Flats, a land development company in Eagle, Idaho, LuckyDog Recreation installed a traditional play structure and swing. This Playcraft playground structure is for ages 5-12 years and features a one piece 6’ spiral slide (so little bottoms don’t feel the bumps) and a variety of climbing events. This is one of our most popular models.

 Playground Eagle Idaho - LuckyDog Recreation

The space saving single-post swing has 2 belts seats for 5-12 years and includes 1 tot seat. This is a popular model of swing because it takes up a very little safety zone.

 Playground Eagle Idaho - LuckyDog Recreation

Horseshoe Flats is part of a larger development called Legacy, a planned community with all the site amenities and beautiful landscape including a golf course, lakes, ponds and now a new playground, is located at 6401 W. Floating Feather Drive.

Click here for more at the 590 acre Legacy Residential Community.

Owner: Horseshoe Flats, LLC, Justin Martin, 208-850-9654

Playground Equipment: PlayCraft Systems® distributed in Idaho and Utah by LuckyDog Recreation

Playground Installation: By LuckyDog of course!

 Playground Eagle Idaho - LuckyDog Recreation Playground Eagle Idaho - LuckyDog RecreationHorseshoe Flats Plaground Equipment Design

Like this playground? Call LuckyDog today!

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P.S. Thanks to Horseshoe Flats in Eagle, Idaho, now Legacy Community children have a fun place to play.

Active children encouraged!

Playground Construction at Greystone Apartments, Caldwell Idaho

The children of the newly renovated Greystone Apartments, in Caldwell, Idaho, got more than new carpet and paint, they got a complete new playground. LuckyDog Recreation, Idaho Playground Construction, was the subcontractor to Kier Construction out of Ogden, Utah.

 Placraft Playground System - Greystone Apartments, in Caldwell, Idaho
The owners’ of the project, Thomlinson and Associates,  selected a custom PlayCraft playground system, complete with a climbing wall and the famous Neutron Spinner.
Site amenities such as benches and bike racks to complete the site. The selected colors compliment the newly painted buildings. They also selected our Sof Fall wood fiber safety surfacing.

Playground Equipment - Greystone Apartments, in Caldwell, Idaho

The LuckyDog Crew is always pleased to work with Kier Construction.

CJ. Stoddard – LuckDog Recreation, Playground Construction Idaho

Kier Construction


Tomlinson and Associates

Playground Construction at Heron Village Apartments – Meridian, Idaho

CJ and the LuckyDog construction crew faced a muddy mess when they started construction on the new Playcraft Playground in Meridian, Idaho. You can see LuckyDog crew member, Ryan Brunell in the video…he is always such a good sport and willing to work in all the tough conditions this playground construction crew faces.

This playground construction is part of the new Heron Village Apartments located on 51 E Blue Heron (between Fairview and Ustick) in Meridian, Idaho.

The children at the new apartment homes of Heron Village will have to wait till December to start playing on their new equipment. Site Superintendent, Zac Zollinger, said the new apartment homes will be ready for tenants as earlier as December.  There is already a long waiting list for these fabulous new apartments.

The new Playcraft Playground equipment is still awaiting safety surfacing and the surrounding area will have lots benches and bike racks and a new basket ball standard from LuckyDog Recreation. The new playground opening will coincide with the opening of the apartment complex.

This complex was planned and built by Dave Evans Construction based out of Boise, Idaho.  It has been a pleasure working with them. The produce a quality product.

“Although we will likely never meet the children and the families that will use this LuckyDog playground installation, it is our great privilege to render useful service through the play opportunities our playgrounds provide.” Nicole Stoddard

Call us for your next playground construction job. We get the job done!

Nicole Stoddard, Sales Rep for Playcraft Systems in Idaho and Utah

Swan Valley Idaho Playground Equipment & Safety Surfacing

Cities and Towns are keenly aware of the benefits of having a playground with safety surfacing as a key feature for residents and tourists and the town of Swan Valley, Idaho is no exception.

Located in the Eastern part of Bonneville County, Swan Valley is nestled between the Caribou Mountains to the South and the Targhee National Forest to the North. Close to Western Wyoming tourist destinations, Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park, Swan Valley is a true mountain town boasting of lots to see and do. Now the town can add “swinging” to the list of town amenities.

Playground at Swan Valley Idaho

Janice Duncan, major of Swan Valley was anxious to get the park updates started. Even though their budget was not yet as large as their “dream” playground, Janice was undeterred by this small detail and contacted LuckyDog Recreation who helped them devise a plan for “phasing” the playground project over a couple of years.

Installed in September 2014 was the swing-set, borders, and a rubberized surfacing mulch material that is loose-fill material reclaimed from used tires. Under the two belt seat swings are wear-mats installed to keep the depth of the safety surfacing full and level even when younger swingers use their feet to kick themselves to the highest heights while swinging.
Idaho Playground Safety Surfacing

Loose-fill Rubberized Surfacing an excellent choice for re-use of tires. An excellent choice for safety!

This recycled plastic material border and ADA is an economical way to retain the surfacing and be ADA compliant.

ADA access part of the plan, not an after-thought. This recycled plastic material border and ADA is an economical way to retain the surfacing and be ADA compliant.

The community was intimately involved in the project and donated the excavation of the site for phase 1. The installation crew from LuckyDog Recreation visited with Mayor Duncan, Steve and Anna, the maintenance personnel for the City Park about site considerations for the upcoming Phase 2. Fundraising for next year’s purchase and installation are already well underway. “It looks just great”! said Mayor Duncan. “We so much appreciate working with you . . . and there will be more to come next Spring.”

Congratulations to the citizens of Swan Valley and to all the folks passing by who will stop in Swan Valley for all the fun outdoor recreation goodies that now includes City Park swings with safety surfacing.

Donations to the City Park playground project can be made care of Mayor Janice Duncan, City of Swan Valley, PO Box 150, Swan Valley, Idaho 83449 and are tax deductible.

The LuckyDog Recreation Construction Crew and Sales Department are proud to be a part of this publicly funded project and look forward to working on phase 2.

Nicole Stoddard and CJ Stoddard, Idaho Playground Sales and Playground Construction

Meridian Idaho Playground Construction – Dynamo Rope-Based Play System

Construction Manager, CJ Stoddard and Installers, Ryan Brunell and Thomas Bright with Manufacturer Rob Lockhart, give the new rotating climber a test drive.

Construction Manager, CJ Stoddard and Installers, Ryan Brunell and Thomas Bright with Dyanamo’s Rob Lockhart, give the new rotating climber a test drive.

LuckyDog Recreation unleashes “New-Fangled” playground equipment in Idaho.  Construction takes place this week in Meridian at new Coleman Homes Community, Bellano Creek.

Climbing playground equipment is the new buzz word in the world of children’s play and LuckyDog Recreation, a locally based playground construction company, is blowing the market open in Idaho for this “new-fangled” style of equipment.

“The next wave of exciting playground equipment is rope-based playgrounds,” said Nicole Stoddard, of LuckyDog Recreation. “The reason they are ‘so hot’ is that they engage children ‘of all ages’ …including grown-ups… in dynamic community play. Unlike traditional playgrounds that tend to ‘segregate’ able-bodied activities from activities intended for people with limited abilities, rope climbing playgrounds are designed to be universally inclusive. So everyone can have the same fun at the same time on the same toy,” continues Stoddard.

Attention landscape architect and park and playground planners: Meet and Greet playground experts –LuckyDog Recreation will unveil the second rope-based playground game, the Astro Rotating Climber, in the Treasure Valley tomorrow, Weds. April 30th at 1:00 PM at Bellano Creek, a Coleman Homes’ property and third community in Meridian, ID, located North of the intersection of Ten Mile Road and Ustick Road.

Landscape architects and park and playground planners are encouraged to take this opportunity to meet and greet the rope climbing playground equipment experts from LuckyDog Recreation and special guest, Rob Lockhart, engineer and rope climbing playground expert from Dynamo Playgrounds, the company that is pioneering the resurgence of this unique form of play equipment world-wide.

Rob has worked with Dynamo for more than a decade to take their innovative products to new heights, including the new Quad Pods double-rotating climber, and the new World’s Tallest Pyramid Net standing 50 feet tall.  As a leader in the commercial playground industry, Dynamo is an active participant in the IPEMA program and other ways to ensure safe play for all children.

Rob sits on both the IPEMA Equipment Certification Committee as well as the ASTM Subcommittee on Playgrounds for Public Use, as well as being an advisor to the CSA Technical Committee in Children’s Playspaces & Equipment. Rob is knowledgeable about every aspect of the design and construction of rope based playground equipment, as well as all of the world’s major safety standards, is a great resource for anyone looking to better understand all of the possibilities of this non-traditional way of play.

About Coleman Homes, Bellano Creek –For over 40 years, Coleman Homes has established a reputation for building premier communities and quality homes throughout California, Nevada and Idaho. As a second generation, family-owned real estate company, Coleman Homes is committed to the preservation and appreciation of home values in the Treasure Valley.

For the Bellano Creek project, Coleman Homes broke ground on their sales center and model home complex, featuring three fully decorated model homes, in late December 2013 and opened the models to the public in the middle of March this year.

Bellano Creek will be a wonderful neighborhood for families as it will feature parks with playground equipment built by LuckyDog Recreation and a swimming pool. Coleman Homes is the exclusive builder at Bellano Creek; providing a reliable, personal and financial long-term investment for the homeowners of Bellano Creek.

Urgency for Park Planners – The sense of urgency for park planners & providers of play equipment to provide equipment that challenges, engages, and gets families involved in outdoor physical activity is ever increasing. Dynamo Playgrounds is leading the world-wide charge by changing the way children perceive their play environment. Thanks to LuckyDog Recreation and forward thinking home builders like Coleman homes, the new “landscape of play” has arrived in Idaho.

LuckyDog Awarded Wellington, Utah Playground Construction Job

Playcraft Neutron Spinner at Utah Wellington Elementary Playground

LuckyDog Recreation was awarded the playground construction job at Wellington Elementary in Wellington, Utah. To make sure the proposed equipment would best meet the needs of students in the 2nd grade to 5th grade, Principal, Seth Allred and the PTA playground committee met with LuckyDog representative, Nicole Stoddard to finalize plans.

Together they selected playground equipment from Playcraft Systems® featuring the new-fangled hybrid play system called the Revolution™. This unique system combines traditional play equipment, slippery slides and rock climbers with new European flair equipment that combines ropes, climbers, and over-head challenges. The new European flair play equipment keeps kids challenged and interested. Traditional play equipment keeps them on the go.

The playground also sports a PlayCraft original, the Boogie Board, a PlayCraft and LuckyDog favorite. The Boogie Board is like a moving floor that requires the balance and skill of riding a skateboard.

To complete the site the playground construction included the ever popular independent overhead spinning toy known as the PlayCraft Neutron Spinner.  Its spinning action requires upper-body strength and is reminiscent of the old maypoles from yesteryear, “but a whole lot safer,” said representative Nicole Stoddard.

Wellington Elementary Playground by LuckyDog Recreation features PlayCraft System.

Deon Kone, Facility Manager and project coordinator for Carbon County School District, worked with LuckyDog to schedule playground installation during off-hours and weekends so big equipment like excavators and concrete trucks did not interfere during school hours. Once completed, students, the PTA group and the school district were pleased with the results.

CJ Stoddard, Playground Construction Manager for LuckyDog said, “As far as a turn-key playground project goes, this job was sweet. Principal Allred was great to work with. The kids will get many years of fun. This is a well-designed play area.”

The students of Wellington Elementary are known as the Wellington Warriors. Their motto is “United in Safety, Literacy and Learning, through Respect, Responsibility and Integrity.”

The new playground may not teach literacy, but LuckyDog’s attention to detail and the IPEMA certified playground equipment from Playcraft Systems® ensures that the students of Wellington Elementary will be playing safe.

Wellington, Utah Playground Construction

Utah Elementary School Playground in Wellington Utah - by LuckyDog Recreation and Playcraft Systems

Utah playground construction and Utah playground equipment installation.

Owner: Wellington Elementary School

Contractor: LuckyDog Recreation

Playground Equipment Manufacturer: Playcraft Systems®

Utah Commercial Playground by LuckyDog Recreation and Playcraft

Utah School Playground Equipment at Wellinton Elemetary by LuckyDog Recreation Utah Playground Construction: LuckyDog Recreation Plans

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