Idaho Playground Construction – Begin With The End In Mind

Play enthusiasts watch out for the best thing happening in Boise, Idaho!

In October, JUMP, Jack’s Urban Meeting Place, will be presenting the “The Climber,” a massive 30 ft. high net climber. The Super 805 (“The Climber”) is a “frame” net climber manufactured by Dynamo Playgrounds. The LuckyDog team has completed this Boise, Idaho playground construction project and anxiously awaits the October opening.

The best thing about the Super 805 is not just that it is “super” as in 30 ft. tall and massively large, the really super thing is that you can play on it soon, very soon as the expected completion date of this amazing play net climber is October 2016.

Architects, Park and Playground Planners Be Aware

Planning a net climber of this scope and size doesn’t just happen overnight. Construction representatives from JUMP and the Simplot Foundation started the evaluation process meeting with LuckyDog Recreation to determine if the Super 805 was the toy they committed to and if LuckyDog Recreation was the company that could pull it off. A resounding “yes” was the answer to both questions, and as plans began to materialize, the international sales representative from Dynamo Industries flew out to meet in person to uncover, discover, and determine if and how the Super 805 could meet the exact needs of the JUMP representatives.

One obstacle we encountered from the start was the fact that the location set aside for the giant climber was on top of a parking garage. This required some creative engineering as most playground structures of this scope and size have “huge” in-ground footers, some 5’ deep and then almost 3’ in diameter. As the roof of the parking garage has a impervious rubber membrane that cannot be compromised, the architectural plans for the structure had to be re-worked to be “surface” mount rather that “in-ground” mount; thus the need to “begin with the end in mind.”

Landscape architect Kim Siegenthaler from Jensen Belts Associates was  instrumental in making contacts between suppliers and owners. She was responsible for the smooth outcome of engineering “The Climber” to meet the needs of the customer, while still adhering to strict building codes required by the state.

Boise Idaho Playground Construction - Net Climber by Dynamo Playgrounds and LuckyDog Recration

Idaho Playground Construction by LuckyDog Recreation - JUMP Net Climber in Boise Idaho

Boise Idaho Playground Construction - LuckyDog Recreation

Boise, Idaho Playground Construction

As for construction day, LuckyDog was prequalified to be the subcontractor of Hoffman Corporation, the GC for the entire JUMP property. LuckyDog, along with 4 or 5 of their best installers took only 2 weeks to complete the installation of the Super 805.

The pour-in-place safety surfacing by Flexground Nevada was done immediately after the net construction, and the equipment awaits opening day of play. Charlie Robertson of Flexground has a reputation for bringing out the best in a project and has many, many installations in the Treasure Valley, a testament to the quality work they do. Notice the multi-colored intricate design as per the architects drawing at the client’s exact requirements.

Dynamo Net Climber - Boise Idaho Playground Construcition

It is always a pleasure to be a part of a significant and unique project like JUMP. We are appreciative of the professionalism and dedication to the result that everyone, especially our very own construction manager, CJ Stoddard and his construction team exhibited to make this dream for Idaho children and their families a reality.

Impressive Playgrounds

Want to plan something equally as impressive for you next big park, playground, or construction project?

Contact LuckyDog for more information on the Super 805 and other amazing climbing structures at 1-800-888-2196.

Nicole Stoddard, Dynamo Playgrounds Net Climber Representative

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