The Scientific Link between Quality of Life and Your Local Park

You don’t have to look very far to find the economic impact of parks on a community, increasing home values and increasing the number of people coming to your community to play and relax. However, the impact of parks and green…

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Deseret Heritage Park In Delta Utah Gets Big Playground Update

Welcome To Delta, Utah and their newest park, Deseret Heritage Park The City of Delta is a quiet treasure in Utah with a rich history and people with a deep love for their community. Over the last 5 years they…

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Custom Is Standard With Berliner Play Equipment

A Shout Out to Utah Architects whose projects and leading article appear in the Berliner publication Breathtaking Pla(y)ces, Projects in Collaboration with Landscape Architects.  Download your copy here…it will take your breath away, guaranteed. G BROWN ARCHITECTS     LuckyDog is proud to…

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Adopting A Craftsman’s Mindset

LuckyDog Recreation is in the business of articulating to you, our valued customer, the quality mindset behind everything we do. While speedy delivery and installation of your playgrounds are something we aspire to, we never take shortcuts on giving you the…

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Playcraft Systems Spring Rewards

Spring Into Play With Playcraft Systems Rewards

It is that time of year again to spring into savings with the purchase of a Playcraft Systems playground! This program allows you to choose one freestanding item at no additional charge. The Play Rewards Program covers all accepted purchase…

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gaga ball kit by luckydog recreation - play action systems

GaGa Ball Pits Are Easy With This Gaga Ball Kit

GaGa Ball Pits take dodgeball to a whole new level of play and a Play Action Systems Gaga Ball kit makes the game easy to set up. GaGa literally means “touch-touch” in Hebrew. The game is a variant of dodgeball…

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LuckyDog Recreation - Berliner Play Equipment - The Globe

See You At 2019 URPA Conference In St. George, Utah

This year at the 2019 URPA Conference in St. George, LuckyDog Recreation is sponsoring an education session on inclusive rope-based play. As you know, creating an inclusive play environment is much more that providing easy access to play equipment, it…

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Win a Playcraft Buddy Bench

Announcing the Buddy Bench 2019 Giveaway

We are so excited to announce that we are giving away a Playcraft® Buddy Bench every month for the rest of 2019. The Buddy Bench is a simple way to create friendship on the playground, and now you can WIN…

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How To Be Active When The Air Hurts

New Year’s Resolution to be healthier?  New running shoes? Air polluted so badly that you end up coughing and feeling lousy all day?  The winter air in many places is less than ideal due to an increase in pollutants from…

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River Rock - By Everlast

Ten Great Reasons for Building a Climbing Wall at Your Facility

Climbing is not a trendy add-on, but rather a relevant and beneficial activity that encourages the physical, mental, social and emotional growth of each participant. Listed below you will find ten great reasons to consider as you ponder the development…

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Enter To Win A Buddy Bench

Buddy Bench is a simple way to create friendship on the playground. Now You Can WIN ONE!

·DONATE IT to your favorite nieces/nephew’s school, for example

Playcraft buddy bench

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