How To Be Active When The Air Hurts

New Year’s Resolution to be healthier?  New running shoes? Air polluted so badly that you end up coughing and feeling lousy all day?  The winter air in many places is less than ideal due to an increase in pollutants from…

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River Rock - By Everlast

Ten Great Reasons for Building a Climbing Wall at Your Facility

Climbing is not a trendy add-on, but rather a relevant and beneficial activity that encourages the physical, mental, social and emotional growth of each participant. Listed below you will find ten great reasons to consider as you ponder the development…

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Berliner Globe at Utah Residential Playground

This Utah Residential Playground Is True To The Environment

Designing this Utah residential playground was a lot of fun because these homeowners knew exactly what they wanted; a unique playground for a family that loves to play. Set back against the picturesque playground of the Wasatch Mountains this aesthetically-pleasing…

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LuckyDog Recreation Inspections

Two Ways to Approach Playground Maintenance

Whether you are a playground owner by default, or you inherited a play structure as part of your job, or you are a full-time parks and playground professional, this article is for you. There are two ways to approach playground maintenance…

Salt Lake City Elementary School Creates New Playground

J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School – A Salt Lake City Elementary School You know you have a special principal and an amazing school when they come together to build a whole new play space from the ground up. Principal Betsy…

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LuckyDog Recreation - 10 Reasons NRPA

10 Reasons To Join National Recreation And Park Association (NRPA)

Over the years as we have worked with schools, school districts, cities, counties and states, we have come to admire what a group can do. Whether the group has been big or small, the goal of providing places to play…

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CJ Stoddard Playing on Berliner Play Equipment - LuckyDog Recreation

In Berlin To Play On Berliner Unique Play Equipment

We all know the saying “All work and no play makes . . .”! So when part of the LuckyDog Team was invited to Berlin Germany to experience Berliner play equipment firsthand, we “jumped” at the chance. Of course, we attended a…

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Get Out and Play - LuckyDog Recreation

Fall Is The Perfect Time To Get Out And Play

Ask most adults the major barrier to being more physically active, and they will tell you: Time.

We complain about how busy we are and how little time we have to step away from responsibilities and enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately, our love affair with over-scheduling ourselves has been passed on to our children…

Triitopia.01 by Berliner Play Equipment - LuckyDog Recreation, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho

Magical, Twisted, Crazy! Triitopia by Berliner Play Equipment

Playground equipment beyond what you have ever imagined, explore the award-winning design of Triitopia by Berliner Play Equipment. Magical twisted crazy fun! A magical world of climbing and adventure…

Playcraft rotating playground equipment placement

Kid Revolution – No More Speed Limits on Merry-Go-Rounds

If you desire a playground that fulfills the need for speed, you are in luck. By simply increasing the use zone on your merry-go-rounds and spinners, speed governors on these play toys are a thing of the past. First, know…

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