Better than a Playground Grant . . . Keeping It Real

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Get the Playground You Want at the Price You Deserve!

At LuckyDog Recreation we do not inflate the price of our equipment just so we can put it on “sale” or lead our customers to believe we are offering them a “playground grant”.  Our pricing structure is the “real” deal not a sales gimmick. Check out our nationally pre-bid buying groups called Cooperative Purchasing Organizations, CPO’s, that maximizes buying power for members just like you. It’s a little like a membership to Costco, but  it doesn’t cost you a dime to become a member or to benefit from the leveraged discounted prices.

At present the CPO memberships are available to non-profit’s such as government or public entities such as schools and public parks. Unlike “sales” or “playground grants” you are not restricted to a preselected set of playground structures or designs. Simply sign up to see how much buying power you can “earn” for the playground of your kids’ dreams.

Check out these LuckyDog Recreation CPO’s for savings that give you “real” buying power:

For PlayCraft Systems – become a member with TCPN – The Cooperative Purchasing Network at

For Dynamo Industries – sign up with NPP – the National Purchasing Partners at

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