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Dynamo Playgrounds Released New Catalog . . . Announces Architect-Net

DYNAMO_Interactive_Catalogue_Cover_7th_Edition_Version_3_thumbGet access to CAD drawings for all Rope-Based Playground Equipment by Dynamo Playgrounds.

LuckyDog makes it simple to access Dynamo CAD drawings with full access to the Architect-Net website.

Simply request your Username and Password from LuckyDog.

Click here to get your Dynamo Catalogue.

Online training on how to navigate the site is also available by calling us.

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2016 LuckyDog Education Session at URPA and UCPA Events

LuckyDog makes plans to present to Park Professionals at URPA and UCPA events coming in March and LuckyDog is preparing this year’s education session on the ASTM-F1292-13.

As you know, every park professional should know the ins-and-outs of this technical document. And because the ASTM is not your typical leisure reading material, LuckyDog is making is simple, compelling, and interesting. See presentation description here: Ins and Outs ASTM-1292

2016 schedule is as follows:

Utah Cemetery and Parks Conference, UCPA March 7th

Utah Recreation and Parks Conference, URPA March 8th

Stay turned for locations and times.

Did You Miss Last Year’s Drainage Lunch-n-Learn?

Get That Information Here
Be Smart about your Drainage, Go With The Flow

Proper Drainage Means Moving Water from the Playground

Playground Drainage

This is an example of poor playground drainage.

Playground drainage is a critical part of keeping playground equipment and surfacing in proper working order, safe and usable. When purchasing a new car, it looks and runs great for a while, but if the oil is never changed and if the windows are left open when it rains, the car may continue to look good on the outside, but the interior and what’s under the hood will be damaged causing the engine to fail and the car to wear prematurely.

This is similar to what happens to a playground when there is water in a pit with no accommodations made for getting it out. Water needs to be controlled by keeping it out of the pit altogether or planning a way to move the water out of the surfacing area when it does get in.

Standing water will cause the resilient surfacing and play equipment to age and deteriorate prematurely. The structural integrity of the concrete footings will be compromised, rust will begin to shorten the life of any metal in the surfacing, molds and mildews will grow, and the surfacing will not have the impact attenuation that it is designed to have. The life of the investment is shortened and the play area may become unusable.

There are four issues involved with playground drainage:

  1. Environmental factors
  2. Problems related to standing water in the play area
  3. Types of drainage for playgrounds
  4. Construction considerations

Environmental Factors Affecting Drainage

There are many environmental factors that affect drainage. Five of the most common encountered by playground builders are:

  1. Topography shows the graphic representation of the play area illustrating the elevations and their relationship to other features at the site, such as buildings, sidewalks, etc.

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Hot! Hot! Hot! PlayCraft Zip-Line Action

Get a Zip-Line for your next playground from PlayCraft Systems™ and LuckyDog Recreation! The UltraZip™ is the hottest new thing! kids line up to get a thrill ride that is made specifically for them.

“Imaginations take flight on our new UltraZip™. This seated zip line soars on a modular track system that can be customized to extend from 36’ to 100’! The UltraZip features a declining slope for take-off with an incline at the end for a gradual stop. The semi-rigid handle with rubber grips makes it easy to hang on to, while the rubberized bumpers on both track ends make this two-way trip one of the safest on the market.”  Playcraft Systems

Playcraft’s state-of-the-art perforated steel decks of the UltraZip™ are the best in the industry! Featuring a sturdy design with an extra thick slip-resistant and resilient Play-Tuff™ coating, these decks stand the test of time and play.

All Playcraft steel components go through an extensive multi-stage powder-coating process that yields a highly durable and lasting protective finish. The bright colors spark imagination and interactive play.

Every commercial playground is designed and manufactured specifically for your design plans.

Fun Zip-Line! Kids love love love the UltraZip by Playcraft Systems - Call us we can show you all the details. 1-(800)-388-2196

Utah Commercial Playground Equipment - The UltraZip by Playcraft brought to you by LuckyDog Recreation

Download Your UltraZip™ flyer here:

UltraZip pdf

Your investment in commercial playground equipment by PlayCraft is one you will be glad you made for your playground and for kids in years to come.

For unique and fun Idaho and Utah commercial playground equipment your kids will love, love love! Call me.

Nicole Stoddard – Exclusive Playcraft Systems Rep for Utah and Idaho.

P.S. You save time and money: LuckyDog Recreation is an “All Inclusive” company, we help you choose your playground, design it, have it manufactured for you and then our construction crew does the installation.

Now that is Idaho and Utah commercial playground equipment done with a twist.

Calling all Parents – Back to School Fundraising Strategies

Back to school fundraising strategies

Back to School Fundraising Tips

Back to school learning isn’t just for children. Parents, put your thinking caps on with these three school fundraising $$$’s for making the kids’ playground dreams come true.

  • $ = Local Activities. These include the cookie dough/gift card sales and the Box Top$ for Education collection drives. If your school already does the box tops clipping for general funds, perhaps a portion can be dedicated to the playground project. Or a Box Top$ bonus drive or sweepstakes contest could be earmarked for playgrounds.

Also included is the new trend to letting your current buying habits fund your project. Fred Meyer, Smith’s, and Target all give back a portion of your spending to any registered non-profit. Make it a campaign: Pay and Play!

Notice this section begins with the Expert Fundraiser website that is full of fundraising tips and support. Learn from the experts and avoid pitfalls.

  • $$ = Grants. Notice the Letters to Lowe’s contest and its deadline in early October. Can students write letters about how play breaks help them absorb and focus better on their studies? Perhaps the parent or project leader can write about the studies showing the necessity of play for integrating classroom learning. And the principal can write of how play aids the social integration and emotional stability necessary for learning.

Writing a compelling and complete grant application takes time. Starting now is a wise choice. So start now by setting up a calendar with deadlines from now into next year.

  • $$$ = Online Options. Involve the world in your playground. Reaching out through the online community connects your school’s needs with supporters from near and far. This newer option is well worth learning the new technology. As the kids tackle mathematics and science, parents can be studying Crowdfunding and how to make it work for a new playground.

Boy Scout Eagle Scout Project

Idaho Park Benches Eagle Scout Project -Dallin Sirrine

What makes a great Eagle Scout project? A great attitude, great smile and determination to get the job done right.

Dallin Sirrine has all these qualities and as the old adage goes; a picture says a thousand words.

The LuckyDog Recreation crew congratulates Dallin on a job well done and on obtaining the highest award in Boy Scouts, your Eagle.

Benches along the trail are part of the LuckyDog Line of park site furnishings made by BPR.

Idaho Eagle Scout Project - Dallin Sirrine

Dallin Sirrine Idaho Eagle Scout Project

Park Benches by BPR - and LuckyDog Recreation - Dallin Sirrine Eagle Scout Project

Playground Construction at Greystone Apartments, Caldwell Idaho

The children of the newly renovated Greystone Apartments, in Caldwell, Idaho, got more than new carpet and paint, they got a complete new playground. LuckyDog Recreation, Idaho Playground Construction, was the subcontractor to Kier Construction out of Ogden, Utah.

 Placraft Playground System - Greystone Apartments, in Caldwell, Idaho
The owners’ of the project, Thomlinson and Associates,  selected a custom PlayCraft playground system, complete with a climbing wall and the famous Neutron Spinner.
Site amenities such as benches and bike racks to complete the site. The selected colors compliment the newly painted buildings. They also selected our Sof Fall wood fiber safety surfacing.

Playground Equipment - Greystone Apartments, in Caldwell, Idaho

The LuckyDog Crew is always pleased to work with Kier Construction.

CJ. Stoddard – LuckDog Recreation, Playground Construction Idaho

Kier Construction


Tomlinson and Associates

Swan Valley Idaho Playground Equipment & Safety Surfacing

Cities and Towns are keenly aware of the benefits of having a playground with safety surfacing as a key feature for residents and tourists and the town of Swan Valley, Idaho is no exception.

Located in the Eastern part of Bonneville County, Swan Valley is nestled between the Caribou Mountains to the South and the Targhee National Forest to the North. Close to Western Wyoming tourist destinations, Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park, Swan Valley is a true mountain town boasting of lots to see and do. Now the town can add “swinging” to the list of town amenities.

Playground at Swan Valley Idaho

Janice Duncan, major of Swan Valley was anxious to get the park updates started. Even though their budget was not yet as large as their “dream” playground, Janice was undeterred by this small detail and contacted LuckyDog Recreation who helped them devise a plan for “phasing” the playground project over a couple of years.

Installed in September 2014 was the swing-set, borders, and a rubberized surfacing mulch material that is loose-fill material reclaimed from used tires. Under the two belt seat swings are wear-mats installed to keep the depth of the safety surfacing full and level even when younger swingers use their feet to kick themselves to the highest heights while swinging.
Idaho Playground Safety Surfacing

Loose-fill Rubberized Surfacing an excellent choice for re-use of tires. An excellent choice for safety!

This recycled plastic material border and ADA is an economical way to retain the surfacing and be ADA compliant.

ADA access part of the plan, not an after-thought. This recycled plastic material border and ADA is an economical way to retain the surfacing and be ADA compliant.

The community was intimately involved in the project and donated the excavation of the site for phase 1. The installation crew from LuckyDog Recreation visited with Mayor Duncan, Steve and Anna, the maintenance personnel for the City Park about site considerations for the upcoming Phase 2. Fundraising for next year’s purchase and installation are already well underway. “It looks just great”! said Mayor Duncan. “We so much appreciate working with you . . . and there will be more to come next Spring.”

Congratulations to the citizens of Swan Valley and to all the folks passing by who will stop in Swan Valley for all the fun outdoor recreation goodies that now includes City Park swings with safety surfacing.

Donations to the City Park playground project can be made care of Mayor Janice Duncan, City of Swan Valley, PO Box 150, Swan Valley, Idaho 83449 and are tax deductible.

The LuckyDog Recreation Construction Crew and Sales Department are proud to be a part of this publicly funded project and look forward to working on phase 2.

Nicole Stoddard and CJ Stoddard, Idaho Playground Sales and Playground Construction

Playcraft Playground Installation in Pleasant Grove, Utah

Playground Installation Utah

Playcraft Playground Equipment

The season for playground installation has not slowed down yet. The LuckyDog construction team is still geared up to install for another month in spite of the cold. “Building playgrounds in late fall is always a challenge. You won’t know what to expect until you wake up in the morning. As you can see in these pictures, we had a beautiful sunny day”, said CJ Stoddard, Construction Manager for LuckyDog. “Tomorrow it could be snowing.”

Playground Surfacing Utah

Weed barrier added to protect rubber mulch

This play structure is installed at Residences of Mayfield Apartment Complex an ICO Construction (a division of Ivory Homes) project in Pleasant Grove, Utah .
It is a PlayCraft Playground System with brown rubber mulch. The rubber mulch is a preference of this particular contractor (ICO) and because they have used it on all their projects, we are becoming more and more familiar with how it performs. It’s our favorite rubber mulch playground safety surfacing by far. Unlike many rubber mulch brands, the Wolverine product knits together to provide a stable slip resistance surface. It doesn’t migrate out of the pit like some rubber products that are round and pebble-like.
Utah Playground Surfacing - Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch soft enough to comfortably fall

The Wolverine rubber mulch has been tested to be ADA accessible. This performance benefit has made it a customer favorite.

Like this playground? Download the drawings here.

Nicole Stoddard, Playcraft Playground Systems in Utah and Idaho.

P.S. Call us for complete playground installation and Wolverine rubber mulch safety surfacing.


Making the Most of Playground Space – Playground Planning

Fund Raising Tips

How to utilize your ground space to its full potential!

Just how big a project will your playground be?  It is usually a balancing act between the actual ground space, the available funds, and how many kids will be vying for play space.

While it may seem obvious that the area needs to have enough activity centers to keep the kids interested and involved, it might not be as obvious that the plan needs to also include both active and quiet play areas.

A playground that truly serves kids includes places for their quiet needs.  In planning, this means creatively finding space for calmer activities.  Can there be space for sand play?  A music corner or wind chime path?  A dreaming nook?

Often the quiet centers don’t require major purchases, rather an awareness of the need so they can be planned in.  Remember, including both types of play will bring a balance to your playground – and to the kids’ play.  Play on!

Taken from “Playground Equipment: Asking the Right Questions.” at Welcome to Christian School Products,

Are you in Utah or Idaho and need help with your playground planning? LuckyDog can help. We know fundraising, park planning and playground design and planning.

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